Unboxing Your Same Day RDY System: What to Expect

February 16, 2021

iBP Staff

What comes inside a Same Day RDY System?

Depending on which Same Day RDY System you’ve purchased will come with its specific hardware manuals for future reference if you choose to upgrade parts. Now on to the more exciting stuff, as RDY Systems the ability to plug the system into your setup and play is what we’re looking to achieve. All Same Day RDY systems will come with a power cable to power up your next prebuilt gaming pc! If you’re curious about a more visual representation of what comes in the box take a look at our unboxing video of an iBUYPOWER Gaming PC.

What to do once your Same Day RDY System arrives?

Nice! You now have your new Same Day RDY System right in front of you, before you go berserk on the box let’s make sure all the boxes are checked off to give you the best gaming experience. We’ve included a sweet quick start-up guide inside the box to give you an easy way to quickly get your system up and running. If this is your first PC, we suggest reading over the official unboxing document to ensure the best results.

Common Issues 

Rest assured, our team checked the system to be make sure all components are working and are in the correct slots in our Quality Assurance and Burn-In are however we’re also at the mercy of the unknown once it leaves our warehouse. The Same Day RDY Systems are supported with dense foam to limit the amount of impact the PC will take in transit.

Wires Coming Loose During Transit

If you’re running into an issue of your system’s RGB not working correctly, we highly suggest looking into the headers to ensure nothing has come loose during transit. We have a FAQ guide on what to look out for if you’re running into this issue. 


 Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device Error

As mentioned before during transit SATA cables may have come loose which can bring up reboot and select proper boot device errors however here is a quick easy solution to fix this problem!

Enter BIOS by tapping Delete as the system powers on. Once you see the BIOS screen, clock to enter Advance Mode, then look for a menu called Boot. Under that menu is a setting called CSM or Compatibility Support Module. Set that to Disabled, then save and reset.

If that doesn’t solve the tissue, check further troubleshooting in our No Boot Guide.

If you have any other issues feel free to contact our customer support or check out our Computers & Coffee content on our Youtube to watch our awesome tech team go over other common issues. 

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