March 31, 2021

iBP Staff

What happens after you contact our customer service regarding any situation? Curious about how things are handled once your end your chat or call with one of our iBUYPOWER team members? We’ll go over everything you need to know to feel comfortable after your chat ends. If you have any other questions feel free to check out our FAQ page!

Call Ended, Work Begins!

While the call with our Customer Service representative has ended, we’re beginning our process to get you fixed up. When contacting our customer service, our company takes note of every call that comes through as well as any changes or requests.


Order Status?

Want to know your order status? Though our customer service team is available you can check your order status through our website with the latest up-to-date information about your order. We highly recommend waiting on calling our customer service team as this can lead to a huge queue backlog on our phone lines which in return can give a disconnection tone when calling.

RMA Process?

Our Customer Service representative will do their best to help troubleshoot any situation you may have with your PC. If they’re not able to they’ll help transfer you to our tech support department for further assistance, if your PC does need to be sent back to us for repairs feel free to check out our other blog on the RMA Process to get more details.


Didn’t see what you want and looking for a refund?

If you’ve requested a refund from our customer service representative no worries! Our representative will report to our accounting department on the request and will have them process the refund for you. The duration of the refund processes will depend on your financial establishment as some banks may take longer to process refunds compared to others.


Contact Us!

If you ever need to contact our customer support please call 888-462-3899!


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