NEW Element CL Pro

April 18, 2021

Calvin Louie

You might have seen our Element CL line of liquid-cooled PCs on our site already. Now, we are releasing our Element CL Pro line to accommodate the latest GPUs.


What’s the difference between the Element CL and Element CL Pro?

Our Element CL product line launched August 25, 2020, featuring a robust cooling system with an integrated front panel distribution plate and custom push-to-connect fittings designed to withstand the turbulent nature of shipping and minimize build times. With Element CL Pro’s launch on April 20, 2021, the new and improved Element CL Pro series will feature the new Intel 11th Gen CPUs and new RTX 30 series, specifically the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 at launch and others to come soon.

Element CL Pro GPU with iBUYPOWER GPU Block


The Element CL which featured Intel’s 10th Gen CPUs will now be changed with the Element CL Pro Series featuring Intel’s 11th Gen CPUs. While the graphics card will get an upgrade from NVIDIA GeForce 20 series to NVIDIA GeForce 30 series GPUs. The new Element CL Pro will also feature new fans for the Pro Series with a new design that will have swept blades for higher static pressure and will be PWM controlled.

Element CL Coast to Coast?

As mentioned before, Element CL launched in Q3 2020, and with that iBUYPOWER was able to monitor the durability of the Element CL being sent from the west coast to the east with a super high level of survivability as the custom push-to-connect fittings keep tubes secure in transit. Element CL Pro Series will be better for GPU survivability for newer 30 series cards due to 30 series coming with their own iBUYPOWER GPU water block to lighten the GPU weight and sage from the traditional heat sink.


Future Plans for Element CL

With the launch of Element CL Pro, we want to hear from you the gamers to gauge the interest in which other GPUs and CPUs they would love to see in the Element CL or if they would like a copper version of Element CL. Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom on which components you would love to see paired with the Element CL.

Go purchase your new Element CL Pro and join our Discord for all things tech and community!


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