The 5 Best Gaming PCs You Need for 2021

February 16, 2021

iBP Staff

If your 2021 resolutions include getting your best gaming PC, we got you! 

Buying the best gaming PC could be your path to incredible gaming experiences this year. No matter your budget, performance needs, or aesthetic wants, we have solutions that will work for you.   


1.) Best Value – Gaming RDY Systems


Buying a gaming PC can be daunting for beginners on a budget; you need expert knowledge on the latest graphics cards, CPUs, and motherboards, confirmation that all your parts are compatible, and then you have to assemble the build yourself. Sometimes you just want to get to gaming. Or streaming. Or both! Either way, we’ve got you. 

Starting under $1000 USD, we recommend our RDY systems to those who have little to no experience building a PC and in need of a system ASAP. Since the components in our Same Day RDY Systems are the same components from our configurator lineup, our same-day shipping with delivery in two business days is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to get your new PC. 


2.) Best Performance- iRacing Series 


We partnered with Intel and the Toyota Racing Division to launch a series of TRD approved systems. These PCs are so good, we used them to help build racing simulators that feel like the real thing.  

Using Intel Optane Memory H10 with Solid State Storage, you’ll experience performance in simple or complicated tasks alike. With 10th Gen processors and the latest graphics cards, these systems are built for power, period. Start with our line of TRD systems, or customize to your specifications. 


3.)Best Cooling – Element CL (H2 tag) 


If your dream PC includes hardline liquid cooling, we’ve made it easier than ever with Element CL. No need to bend your own tubes or worry about leaks; we’ll build and ship your PC to your specifications, so you can get to gaming.  

Right now we offer 2 prebuilt configurations, both with the newest Intel 10th Gen i7 and i9 processors and Nvidia 20 series graphic cards. You can also customize your Element CL system for maximum performance and power.  

Looking for next gen compatibility? Stay tuned: We’re releasing our Pro series in Q2, which includes fittings for 30 series graphics cards. 

Check out more on Element CL Pro. 


4.) Best Customization – Snowblind


Performance is important, but honestly, you want your PC to look cool, too. We created the Snowblind with Intel to house one of the first mass-produced LCD displays on computer systems for consumer release. 

The Snowblind is equipped with the latest iBUYPOWER technology: a 1280×1024 resolution “crystal clear” transparent LCD display. Display whatever you want over top of your components, from performance stats to video displays, to conform to your aesthetics.  

Our base system is VR ready and equipped to give you a powerful gaming experience, but you can always customize, too. 


5.) Best for Creators – iBP Creator Series 


Perhaps you need your gaming PC to help you work on creative projects. Equipped with top-of-the-line graphics cards, our Creator Series systems are perfect for 3D designs, VR, rendering, and everything in between. 

The Pro Series are a line of desktops that support graphic-intensive professionals and the applications they need. The Pro Series uses the latest multi-core CPUs, video cards and SSDs to breathe life into large-scale renderings and designs. 


The Best Gaming PCs of 2021

Whatever your gaming or creating dreams are this year, count on us to have your back. Stay tuned in 2021; we’ve got even more power coming your way. 


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