School on Wheels: iBUYPOWER Partners with Intel and Ryan Tuerck to Donate Systems to Local Charity

August 20, 2021

Jeff Yabumoto

We all know computers are critical to education these days. More and more programs and classes utilize modern PCs to teach their students new skills, like programming, 3D modeling, rigging, scheduling, and more while providing students with additional avenues to relax and explore new passions.

Intel and iBUYPOWER teamed up with professional race car driver Ryan Tuerck to bring new 11th Gen Intel Core processor PCs to School on Wheels. As a racer, Ryan knows all too well the importance of having the right gear to take your performance to the next level. Everything from designing the car to painting it to racing it requires top-notch computing power.

A Place To Play

kids happily do their homework in the school on wheels skid row learning center

The donation was made to School on Wheels as part of Intel’s “Rise, Shine, and Inspire” campaign. Intel’s goal with the campaign is to give back to the community, and we were proud to know that this donation will significantly upgrade their current setup.

School on Wheels has been serving the “skid row” area of Los Angeles for the past 20 years, along with over 400 sites across Southern California—including libraries, shelters, and after-school programs. “Skid row” is, unfortunately, one of the epicenters of homelessness in Los Angeles and in the United States. Many children end up homeless in this area and the Skid Row Learning Center acts as a safe space for them to go after school to escape the reality of the world around them.

At School on Wheels, students will do their homework, work with tutors, hang out with other kids, and play computer games once their homework is done. The new computer systems provided by iBUYPOWER and powered by the 11th Gen Intel Core processor will enable the students to explore not only educational games, but games purely for fun. With the new hardware, the kids will be able to get into the games faster, run better games, and enjoy their precious free time even more.



More About School on Wheels

girl does her homework at the school on wheels skid row learning center

School on Wheels is a non-profit organization that serves many parts of southern California, including the “skid row” area of Los Angeles. With 1 out of every 20 children in California experiencing homelessness, their mission to provide after-school tutoring services and a safe space is critical to their success. School on Wheels has helped more than 50,000 students in their lifetime making sure they repeat grades or drop out of school thanks to the help of volunteer tutors who believe in these children. In addition to tutors, School on Wheels provides students with access to digital learning tools that will help them succeed in the 21st-century work environment and provide scholarships that can be used for college, trade schools, art/music/sports programs, summer programs, and apprenticeships or enrichment classes. To learn more or to donate or volunteer, visit their website at

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