Event Recap: Intel Gamer Days Week in iBPCRAFT was AWESOME!

September 8, 2021

Jeff Yabumoto

Intel Gamer Days and come and gone, at least for the squad at iBUYPOWER. During the week of events in iBPCRAFT we saw fans and participants win a bevy of prizes like gift cards and swag… oh, and A FREE PC. Yep. 

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Cake Contest!

On Monday, participants in the Intel 20th Anniversary Cake Off flexed their creative skills to build a cake for Intel. There were TONS of entries into the contest that wowed the judges as they discovered the intricacies and creativity of each entry. The cakes took many different forms, from ones that you could walk into and hear the happy birthday song to a cake in the shape of Intel’s first chip.


Kaylee Ray at Rocketlake!

Tuesday saw the kickoff of the Elytra races of the Rocketlake Raceway. Players had to race through the course and try to get on the leaderboard, with the record holder having about a 40 second run. Kaylee Ray Bryson joined the stream to guest host and teach the team and viewers a bit more about her world of racing.

While that went on, Kaylee also attempted to race through the Rocketlake Speedway and hit the leaderboard. The tough competition was no match for Kaylee and she eventually placed 3rd on the leaderboard by the end of the iBP stream with a time just under 47 seconds. It was off to the races for the rest of the participants to best Kaylee and the rest of the leaderboard for day 1 of the Elytra races.

Treasure Hunt!

Wednesday was the Chimera of Wonders treasure hunt! Players searched high and low, equipped with only a sword, battling monsters along the way for their chance at a brand-new REVOLT 3 PC! At the start of the event, iBP showed off some of the features of the Chimera of Wonders including some of the custom mobs that were built, like the Mummy in the following clip, that will be available in the next update.

You can see the beginning of the race as the masses delved into the depths of the Chimera at a breakneck pace, with even a few people dying early on due to falling. Those that did die would have to restart, including having to go to the merchant outside the dungeon to get a new sword.

One of the keys was that participants were to only open three blocks per round, so they had to decide which of the 600 blocks to open before teleporting out of the Chimera of Wonders. The PC wasn’t found in the first round, meaning participants had to wait for the next round to search for it once more.

It took three rounds, but the REVOLT 3 PC was found by LELitzpanda! Congratulations to them and congratulations to all the other winners of t-shirts, hoodies, and various goody bags.


Thursday on the iBPCRAFT stream took a slight turn with Hyper Potions, Ian and Kevin, joining the stream. The pair enlightened the viewers about their musical process and some of the cool projects they’ve worked on. Hyper Potions also tried their hands at the Elytra Sky Race and were baffled at first how some racers had finished the course in less than 30 seconds, but were able to shave a significant amount of time off their own runs by the end of the stream.

Below, you can see a clip of them attempting some parkour over a giant lava flow. It’s safe to say it was more difficult than either of them anticipated and they got burned more than once.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up iBPCRAFT, iBP hosted Parkour Paradise. Participants had to traverse a deadly parkour course surrounded by boiling lava. It was definitely more difficult than it looked, and more than one participant took a lava bath before trying the course over. Participants could tackle a few different parkour challenges, including a gravity-defying course in the sky.

That sums up iBPCRAFT as part of Intel Gamer Days 2021! We hope you tuned in to see all of the exciting events, won some swag or gift cards, and entered into the contest to win a PC. All vods of the event can be found on iBP’s Twitch channel.

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