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Champions are made on iBUYPOWER systems

Every time a champion is crowned at Major League Gaming, it happens on an iBUYPOWER system. Major League Gaming is one of the highest-regarded tournament series in esports with millions of viewers of online streams and tens of thousands of spectator and competitor attendees to events. For competitors and administrators alike, the stakes are high. At the highest levels of professional gameplay, even a split second delay or glitch could mean the difference between a victory or defeat. That’s why iBUYPOWER is the brand most trusted by Major League Gaming to deliver a seamless tournament experience. With the utmost precision and dependability, iBUYPOWER systems are used by tournaments and professional gamers worldwide. When reliability, precision, and performance matter most, get the systems the pros play on, get an iBUYPOWER.


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