Farewell Mixer!

Mixer is now CLOSED!

Well, didn’t see that coming… That is what most of us thought when Microsoft announced the termination of its online streaming platform Mixer. We’re you looking to stream on Mixer relatively soon? Hopefully, you’re able to get yourself a beastly gaming pc to stream on (check out our deals on gaming pcs). 

Mixer, which launched early 2016, was Microsoft’s streaming platform to go against Twitch. With the names of Ninja and Shroud on the platform, Mixer began to make a name for themselves. Larger content creators like Ninja and Shroud can leave Mixer and become free agents; the question now arises what will happen to the smaller content creators?

Many content creators should understand the impact Mixer had on the gaming community. The introduction of Mixer gave content creators the power to obtain exclusivity contracts with other streaming platforms. Mixer was able to provide smaller content creators support to grow their community compared to other streaming platforms. 

To help with smaller content creators, Mixer is now partnering with Facebook Gaming to have its content creators transition over to Facebook Gaming’s Level Up Program. Content Creators on Mixer will have until July 22nd to continue using the platform to stream to their gaming community, but after July 22nd, the Mixer domain will redirect to fb.gg. 

No matter if you loved or hated the platform, we got to give credit where credit is due. Microsoft’s creation of Mixer was nothing but a positive for the gaming community. Some would argue with different streaming platforms split the gaming community but gave opportunities to smaller content creators to branch out to entertain new members.  

Before we spam that F key for Mixer, let us remember the fun quirks Mixer brought as a streaming platform. One of the head-scratching features that many content creators will remember is the tutorial system, which required potential streamers to complete before streaming. Once this tutorial is done, the content creator will have to wait 24 hours before they can obtain their stream key. 

Cheers to you Mixer! 

by Calvin L, on June 23, 2020