Apex Legends Global Series Summer Circuit Incoming!

Apex Legends Global Series sponsored by Battlefy

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Summer Circuit kicks off this weekend, from June 20-21, a BR tournament of epic proportions! The Summer Circuit will introduce Super Regions: a new competition structure that advances the top eight teams from each Finals group per Region.

This is especially exciting for me because, as both a dedicated fan of Apex Legends as well as a casual competitive gamer, this will be my first formal gaming tournament since Smash Bros. Melee at my local GameStop 😂.

ALGS | Tournament Format

Coordinated by Battlefy and sponsored by EA, parent company to the game’s developer: Respawn Entertainment, the ALGS is a competitive online PC gaming and live event tournament with more than $3 million USD in total prize money, featuring 12 global live events and 10 online tournaments. As stated in EA.com’s ALGS Overview:

“The competitive journey for many will start with online tournaments, where squads will compete to qualify for live events and Global Series Points. Challenger Events will give local talent an opportunity to shine, awarding winners an opportunity to test their skills against the rest of the world at a future Major. Premier Events allow the best teams from each region to compete against each other for additional Points, paid travel to, and coveted advanced placement spots in one of the four marquee Apex Legends Global Series Majors, the highest tier of competition.”

ALGS Tournament Calendar
ALGS Summer Circuit 2020 Tournament Calendar

All registered ALGS teams compete in multiple rounds on Saturday’s Regional Stage, from Quarterfinals to Semifinals and finally…THE Finals. The top Teams will advance to the Super Regional Stage on Sunday. These 20 squads will compete for the top 3 spots in their Super Region to qualify for the Summer Circuit Playoffs.

Winning these online tournaments then qualifies the teams for Live Events, which includes Majors, Premier Events, and Challenger Events. The ALGS concludes with the ALGS Championship.

A Quick Side Quest Down My History in Gaming…

…to shed some light as to why I’m so dog gone excited for the ALGS Summer Circuit!

As alluded to earlier, I’m just a dude with a lifelong affair with gaming. Looong before institutions began conducting formal research to console parents on the cognitive benefits of gaming, when video games were stigmatized as a waste of time by ne’er-do-wells, before Fortnite demonstrated to the world that “kids can make money playing video games,” I was speedrunning in diapers through the OG Mega Man franchise on our brand-spankin’ new NES. I was competing in SocomBattles before it became GameBattles (remember when the losing CLAN team had to report their own loss in order for it to be official!?). I was rigging routers to play Halo on Xbox Connect (where the excuse “they must have host!” originated when you get outplayed). 

So yeah, I’m pretty jazz’d for the ALGS this weekend. To be part of the evolution of gaming firsthand has been a joy, and this weekend me and the Squad hope to take it to the next level!

Chimera Corps Roster

Wish us luck, and see you on World’s Edge!

by Tristan A, on June 19, 2020