iBUYPOWER and Intel Supports #BlackLivesMatter

iBUYPOWER #BlackLivesMatter

We hear you… It’s time for iBUYPOWER to take a stand on racial inequality. After taking the time to listen and reflect, we reaffirm our commitment to our gaming community to show how gaming and technology can bring people together and change lives.

When it is safe to do so, we will continue hosting workshops teaching young kids how to build PCs to spark interest in STEM education. We will continue to travel around the country to different universities and colleges to help them establish scholarships and esports programs that place the welfare of students first. 

We will continue to work with nonprofits who strive to make the world a better place. It is our goal to help each generation learn empathy, compassion, and respect for one another to help create a diverse and supportive community in the future.

Today, we stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter!

We’re proud to announce we will pledge $10,000 to NAACP to help those fighting racism. In addition, we will match up to $18,000 from Ronda Rousey and Tyler “TeePee” Polchow’s charity streams. 

Together with Intel Gaming, Ronda Rousey, and TeePee’s community we’ve raised over $40,000 to NAACP to fight against racism. Together as a gaming community we’ll take a stand against any and all social injustice and will continue to stand with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Ronda & TeePee Charity Support

by Calvin L, on June 18, 2020