Apex Community Tournament with the NRG Squad – Round 3!

Two Hour “Kill Race” between the NRG Squad: Teams Ace, Dizzy, and Mohr.

The talented NRG Apex squad is putting on a show to help celebrate iBUYPOWER’s 20th Anniversary!

iBUYPOWER-NRG Esports_Apex Legends Community Tournament

Team Mohr has been on fire so far, winning both the first and second rounds. It only took his squad 4 of the allotted 5 games to claim Victory for Round 1.

For Round 2, we shook up the form to a “most kills in 2 hours” versus “best of 5 games” style.

GameTeam aceuTeam dizzyTeam Mohr

Team aceu stayed on the dropship for vacation during Round 2, and Team dizzy so it’s safe to assume they’ll be hungry for stealing Round 3 from Team Mohr this Friday!

We’re only halfway through the month’s festivities! Tune in to Twitch.tv/iBUYPOWER this Friday, November 22nd from 4-6pm to see who’s gonna frag their way to Round 3, and win this week’s prize!

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by Tristan A, on November 19, 2019