Rising from the Ashes: How an investment in Gaming PCs is helping a California county overcome a historic firestorm

Butte County was dramatically affected by the damages caused by the most destructive campfire in California history last summer. To help those who were impacted by this tragedy, iBUYPOWER joined NASEF in contributing funds and computers this past summer.

During a reception on May 15, more than $65,000 and dozens of high-performance computers were presented to the Butte County Office of Education. iBUYPOWER donated 40 desktops, laptops, and hardware that was used to replace and upgrade equipment for high school esports clubs and computer labs across the region.

Some people may wonder, how does donating computers help those impacted by the fire? As it turns out, there are many ways they can benefit people. iBUYPOWER was moved to help because they understand that video games not only provide entertainment, but real relief and emotional support through difficult realities. Not only that, but playing video games supports the gamer’s problem-solving and coping skills that would help them be resilient in the face of life’s calamities.

Every gamer can tell you about how playing video games helped him or her through a rough patch, whether it was a breakup, an illness, or a depressive episode. When played in moderation, video games of all types teach important life skills such as persistence, teamwork, and communication. They also instill important values such as setting goals, working towards them, and achieving success that can come with hard work and practice. They engender positive emotions such as the feeling of accomplishment, confidence, and enjoyment. And perhaps most importantly, video games bring people from all walks of life together and allow them to form unique and strong friendships. 

But it’s one thing to preach about the virtues of video games, it’s another to share a firsthand example of how gaming and the community helped me overcome my own hardship this last year… My parents decided to initiate a divorce after 30+ years of marriage and our family split up into different sides. I was heartbroken and unable to process the whirlwind of negative emotions. During this time, Overwatch played an integral role in helping me take my mind off of my family issues and the fear that everything was about to change. The friends I met through the game listened to me, shared their own struggles with family, and provided a ton of encouragement. Though playing video games didn’t fix my problems, it gave me a way to cope and receive support from friends, while processing the inevitable transition of my family relationships. This ability to provide a “middle ground” between disaster and relief is where we hope our gaming systems will make a difference in Butte County.

Speaking on behalf of iBUYPOWER and gamers everywhere, we hope that the young people of Butte County will use these systems to not only enjoy gaming and connect with friends but also acquire critical communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills. As a company, we stand behind our core values of unity, strength, ambition, and perseverance. We hope our contributions will help young gamers develop these qualities and build a bright future for them. With the new systems, Butte County students can now compete for the hundreds of college scholarships offered to esports athletes.

by Jennifer K., on September 19, 2019

Marketing Assistant at iBUYPOWER