A Beary Successful Caltopia 2019

Caltopia 2019 was a fun-filled fair that took place from August 25 to 26 at UC Berkeley, the #1 ranked public university in the world. Featuring hundreds of local and global businesses, Caltopia was a big celebration of life and culture at Berkeley which thousands of students and local residents attended.

Every major PC hardware company was present at the large gaming section of this event, from iBUYPOWER, NVIDIA, MSI, Cyberpower, Alienware, etc. Many Cal students interested in gaming and esports came through to play in the Free to Play section, gaze at the spectacular Snowblind system, play Beat Saber to their favorite songs, and win cool raffles and giveaways ranging from SSDs to GPUs.

iBUYPOWER partook in this celebration by showcasing their flashy Snowblind PC and high-performing demo PC. They hosted a WD SSD giveaway, which participants could enter by filling out a short survey about gaming headsets. Many students came by to play a round of their favorite game (League being the most popular) on the demo PC and left with coupon codes specifically for college students. A bunch of curious bystanders came to admire and ask questions about the Snowblind case. Everyone who came by were gifted free swag items such as iBP pins, pens, and stickers (WD pens as well). Our staff members also conversed with students about their gaming setups, interest in esports, and general experiences as students and gamers. 

iBUYPOWER also partnered with NRG and San Francisco Shock (Overwatch League team) for this event. Shock members Choihyobin (Off-tank) and Architect (DPS) came by to play on our systems, meet with fans, and sign autographs. They even played 1v1 duels against each other, which drew quite a large crowd cheering for their favorite Shock member. All in all, it was truly a fun and engaging time for gamers and non-gamers of all ages and backgrounds.

by Jennifer K., on September 6, 2019

Marketing Assistant at iBUYPOWER