Interview: Rocco from Mega64 @ Anime Expo 2019

This year at Anime Expo, iBUYPOWER had the privilege of interviewing Rocco, one of the creators and producers from Mega64. Mega64 brings video games to real life in their short films and YouTube videos. They also have a podcast where the Mega64 crew discuss any internal news or talk about various media topics that come up in conversation.

During our interview, we were able to ask Rocco about their content strategy and what they would do differently:

What’s been the secret you guys have thought to create a consistent tone and content?

Rocco: “We have always done it for ourselves…and never really changed that, its the same core of people still making all of it. We’re kinda like the same band writing the songs…we do it for ourselves primarily first and if we can make ourselves laugh we can make others laugh”

With their experience, we decided to find some tips for you guys who are just starting out! If Rocco was a new content creator starting from scratch, he would:

“Think of ideas that excite you, that get you pumped…and if you can get that lined up with something that no one else is doing then you found your thing…don’t just follow a trend, but you should still do something that people would want to see too”

Find out about their future project plans and what we can expect from Mega64 in the future here!

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Special thanks to Rocco from Mega64 for the interview and don’t forget to follow them here!







by Matt R., on July 22, 2019

Marketing Intern