Interview: Vicious @ Anime Expo 2019

Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez is one of the most passionate FGC (fighting games community) commentators and Street Fighter experts. Famed within Southern California as a Street Fighter Rufus player during the SFIV era, Vicious has since expanded his portfolio to include shoutcasting for events like the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), Street Fighter League, Capcom Cup, ESPN Collegiate Esports Championships, Southern California Regional, and NBC Saturday Night Fights. With boundless enthusiasm and humor, Vicious brings fun competition with him as a player or as a commentator.

Vicious at CEO 2019
Picture Credit: Chris Bahn

In the interview, Vicious talks about his transition from player to caster – about how he had to lose two things he loved. “One was my hair. Two was the competitive aspect of it because I just love being a competitor in the professional world of Street Fighter.” While difficult in the initial transition, Vicious now enjoys his position as a commentator a lot more.

Vicious also comments on the increase of fighting games outside of just Street Fighter. He appreciates the proliferation of the genre, and how other communities outside of Street Fighter are given the opportunity to shine.

It’s absolutely great for fight game- for video game fans across the world.

He shares his thoughts on what to look out for at EVO 2019, the largest and longest running fighting games tournament in the world. “It’s still kind of ambiguous who’s going to come out on top. What I really want to know in terms of the story for the Street Fighter scene is [Tokido]. He’s one of the biggest, talented Street Fighter players in the history of fighting games. He hasn’t been doing too hot in the circuit.” According to Vicious, it’s going to be an exciting run with strong competitors, each with an opportunity to win.

For the future of fighting games, Vicious would like to see more developer and company support. He’d also like to see new characters and mechanics for Street Fighter V.

At the end, Vicious shares the background behind his show Run it Back.[Run it Back] is more about paying homage to the greats… and to continue the legacy under their good graces and blessings”

Find what Vicious thinks about his transition from player to commentator, other fighting games, what to look out for at EVO 2019, and about Run it Back. Watch the interview here!

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