Interview: Hyper Potions @ Anime Expo 2019

Their twitter profile says that they are two best friends raised by anime and gaming. So it was really no surprise to catch them at this year’s Anime Expo, where they performed their songs live as well as gamed with their fans at our iBUYPOWER booth. We got a chance to chat with them about their band chemistry, music, and future direction.

Arguably, their first collaboration, “Anime Bae,” signaled a new beginning for musicians Sushi Killer and Kevin Villecco. This Future Bass song was a big hit, garnering over 2.8 million Youtube views. When asked how they became a team, Kevin stated, “We just really liked working together, honestly. It really comes down to compatibility with personalities.” He compared a musical partnership to a romantic relationship where you have a partner you respect and trust.

Zaid, our video guy, spoke with Hyper Potions about their music and goals

Previously, they’ve produced a lot of music for Sonic Mania, Team Sonic Racing, and SEGA. When coming up with their music, Sushi Killer starts the job and Kevin picks it up. “I do a lot of the creative work behind Hyper Potions and the song writing,” explained Sushi Killer.

Despite the work they’ve already done for video games and entertainment, Hyper Potions is just getting started. They plan on branching out into different games and franchises, and broaden the horizons of their musical career. “I want to do more composing, specifically for cartoons, do theme songs for shows…maybe more game composing too,” expressed Kevin. His band mate Sushi Killer shares similar ambitions; he commented, “I’d love to work with Disney or Cartoon Network.” In the meantime, they will continue to produce EDM.

Kevin and Ian (Sushi Killer) enjoyed chatting with their fans at our booth

To hear more about their music and advice for aspiring musicians, check out the full interview here:

Also, be sure to check our their performance at AX Live.

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by Jennifer K., on July 16, 2019

Marketing Assistant at iBUYPOWER