Recap of “Women in Esports” Career and Networking Event

As esports is becoming bigger and more popular, there is a growing need for women in this space.

On a warm, balmy afternoon on June 12, a group of roughly 100 women and men gathered at a rooftop deck overlooking the city of Los Angeles. They had come to attend the AnyKey Career Event called “Paving the Way for Women in Esports” hosted at the Nixon Peabody LLC office in Downtown Los Angeles. This was the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in esports to connect with fellow women in the industry and gain valuable insight. In particular, undergraduate students from USC, UCSD, UCI, and Pepperdine took this time to network with experts and listen to valuable advice.

After the attendees mingled over cocktails and snacks, the main event began with an introduction by Yvette Martinez-Rea, the CEO of ESL. The first panel, “Path to Professional,” was comprised of four very successful women from companies Cloud9, Dignitas, Microsoft, and ESL. With Susie Kim, the Director of Youth Esports and Education and Training, leading the discussion, these esports veterans shared their personal experiences of being women in the industry. They spoke about the obstacles put before them by others as well as themselves, and gave valuable tips on how to break into esports. The shining takeaway was to be proactive in seeking opportunities. As Susie humorously put it, “If you’re thirsty, go get the water. Don’t wait around for it to be given to you.”

The second panel, “How to Enter Esports,” featured HR and recruiting experts who imparted their knowledge about getting hired. They gave helpful tips to potential interviewees, such as expressing confidence about one’s abilities, showing excitement for the role, and gathering accurate information about the company’s values. Mina Hur, the University Recruiter at Riot Games, encouraged attendees to be open during interviews about failures they experienced. These are good ways for the company to learn about how the applicants learned from their mistakes and planned to fix them.

After the panel discussion and the ensuing Q&A session, all attendees had the chance to chat with the panelists directly. To further equip women for success, free headshots were also provided at the venue, courtesy of AnyKey. Overall, this event was a great opportunity for curious and passionate students and professionals to connect with experienced industry members. There were lots of laughter, conversation, and new friendships, and everyone went away having learned something new or met someone new. It is special spaces like these that empower women and support their representation in this growing field.

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by Jennifer K., on June 18, 2019

Marketing Assistant at iBUYPOWER