iBUYPOWER x TRD, powered by Intel

Cornelius, NC-based facility brings the latest high-powered devices to racers.

iBUYPOWER joins forces with Intel and TRD (Toyota Racing Development) to provide technology and equipment that powers a state of the art gaming zone. When drivers are racing at speeds of 200 mph on the race track, they have to move as fast as possible. The gaming zone was developed to improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time to make them better drivers on the track.

The Steam-powered game iRacing as well as other esports titles such as APEX, Rocket League, and CS:GO assist in the cognitive development of the drivers. A 2016 New York University Shanghai study reported an increase in visuomotor skills from participants after five hours of fast-paced gameplay on Mario Kart and Unreal Tournament.

Over the past few years, Toyota Racing Development or TRD has been involved in races all over the world, but they are more present here in the United States for NASCAR. TRD’s new training facility outside of Charlotte, NC is a state of the art training facility designed to give their developing NASCAR drivers the right edge to win.

At the facility, there is a large array of fitness equipment, a basketball court, an ice bathroom, and a full kitchen. The gaming zone provides the training necessary for drivers to sharpen their reflexes. With iBUYPOWER and Intel, TRD is investing in a new era of cutting edge racers. The computers specs provided by iBUYPOWER and Intel are:

21 Desktop PCs:

● Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Processor

● NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080 Ti – 11GB Turbo Video Card

● 16 GB ADATA XPG-Z1 DDR4-3000 Memory

● 1TB Intel® 660P Series PCIE NVME SSD

● iBUYPOWER Case Builder Aluminum Gaming Chassis

Expect newer and faster products as Intel and iBUYPOWER rolls them out. To learn more about this facility click here.

by Diego K., on May 15, 2019

iBUYPOWER Marketing Specialist