Triigger 275 the best ergonomic gaming chair?

When it comes to anything ergonomic; I am personally a fan of. I have an ergonomic keyboard, mouse, computer glasses and my monitors are raised to the optimum eye level for me. But, what I don’t have is an ergonomic chair; I was instead given a typical office cushion chair.

The Cushion Chair
Vertagear’s Triigger 275

That was until, I was given one of Vertagear’s latest line of ergonomic chairs, the Triigger 275. After using it for a month now, I can say with ease that I am a fan. The chair is definitely ergonomic in every way; you no longer have to reach under the chair for the switches to recline or adjust the height. There is also adjustable lumbar support for your lower back and adjustability in every way.

Triigger 275 Triggers

Some key features of the Triigger 275 that I enjoy are the “triggers” under the arm rests. One is for height adjustment and the other is to recline. Now the reclining on this chair has the ability to lock into an angled position. So if you need to lean back for a bit you can! No more having to keep pushing with your feet to stay reclined.

From their website you can see all the features this chair has including the material it is made out of and what other feature can be adjusted. After taking the time to adjust and fine tuning the chair to my needs, this chair is truly a chair worth adding to my ergonomic collection.

Like anything ergonomic it comes with a price. The starting price for the Triigger 275 is $599.99. Yes, you can buy a decent monitor with that price, but monitors are always changing year by year. A chair that’s comfortable and made for you can last a lifetime. If you would like a chair of your own check out IBUYPOWER’S customized Vertagear chair here.

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by Jom Thaipejr, on March 29, 2019

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