Echoes of the Grassroots: Collegiate eSports (Western Region Preface)

The eSports community has been on a steady rise to prominence – with micro-communities being formed across collegiate campuses and eSports athletes being recognized for their passions.

Every Friday, we’ll be covering some of the most unique communities around the continent. How is eSports impacting the real world, and what do these communities do to go above and beyond?

Collegiate eSports leaders across Western North America were asked to voice their opinions and describe how eSports has impacted their life.

Here are their stories:

I think the biggest part is definitely being able to actually have connections with other players from almost every part of NA, its a great feeling when you play with them online and you finally get to meet them in real life when you travel somewhere. A great feeling to build friendships and community both locally and internationally.

  • Tristan Bunyard, University of British Columbia


I just got into eSports less than a year ago and the eSports community has been completely welcoming! I’ve found a family of passionate people that have enabled me to create amazing events in an industry that I’m truly passionate about!

  • Dominic Nguyen, UC Riverside


eSports is way of bringing people from a variety of worlds together under the same passions and finding new ways of connecting a face and name behind that gamer tag. Without this community I never would have had the same opportunity to find these incredible friends and leaders that continuously inspire and challenge each other to reach new heights.

  • Angie Klingsieck, University of Utah


In a world where people  are struggling to survive through society’s food chain, college students are at the mercy of so many things. Collegiate eSports doesn’t just allow students of all ethnicities and identities to have fun together, they get to engage in friendly competition. eSports is a way to express our love for gaming and setting it at the collegiate level is important.

  • Jeremy Wan, Cal State Fullerton


Competition, passion, and friendship, are the reasons I got into eSports. Seeing how great this community is has changed my career goals and made working fun. I never have a boring day when I am out there working events.

  • Jordan Harris, University of Nevada, Reno


I got into eSports at a young age by playing competitive Counter-Strike and stuck with it ever since. I believe that competition is one of the most important factors of an eSports community and seeing teams across the world play each against each other truly shows how big the scene has gotten.

  • Aaron Chai, California State University – Long Beach
The eSports community opened my eyes to the passion for competitive gaming that most people just see as a hobby. To me, eSports has evolved from playing Nintendo competitively with my sisters growing up, to being a part of a community of thousands of competitive gamers worldwide rooting for our favorite team. It truly is amazing.
  • Jonathan Oh, University of Washington


Tune in next Friday as we expand upon these communities and their increasing influence.

by Cat, on August 12, 2016

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