iBUYPOWER Launches All New Element Tempered Glass Case


City of Industry, CA – June 10, 2016

iBUYPOWER proudly presents its next step forward in high end, customizable systems with the brand new Element. The iBUYPOWER Element represents our commitment to function as well as fashion. Featuring a steel frame with tempered glass side and front panels, the Element is sure to be as reliable as it is eye catching. Paired with our Smart Lighting technology, this exciting new product will be a display to showcase the powerhouse of components inside while the built-in PSU shroud and ample cable management space ensures a clean, streamlined build.

Visually stunning, inside and out

With LED ring fans mounted behind a tempered glass front panel, our signature Smart Lighting, and ample cable management space, the Element is designed to showcase a clean, powerful system. Instead of hiding your components behind metal side panels, the Element features a full edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel, giving your system an elegant look while being more durable than standard plastic windows.

Tempered Glass

When designing our first glass system, safety and durability were our highest concerns. Tempered is much stronger than standard glass, and breaks into smaller, more blunted pieces, meaning less risk to the user if the unthinkable happens. This treatment also leaves the side panel more resistant to scratches and other blemishes.

Optimized Airflow

Featuring three 120mm case fans and a streamlined interior, the Element provides superior airflow over the most important components of your system, ensuring that this powerhouse performs as well as it looks. The Element’s built in PSU shroud also helps improve airflow reduce dust buildup by eliminating unnecessary clutter. These features, along with extra space behind the motherboard tray, mean that you’ll have a pristine system that demands attention.

For more information about the iBUYPOWER Snowblind PC’s please visit http://www.iBUYPOWER.com/Element


iBUYPOWER symbolizes several key beliefs: unity, strength, ambition, and perseverance. These are fundamental attributes of life inside and outside of gaming. You need them all to win. Leading the pack, iBUYPOWER is gaming, defined.

Since 1999, iBUYPOWER has been delivering on its promise to build the best gaming systems for the most discerning gamers. Even in a time when PCs were not as ubiquitous as they are today, we fueled the passion for gaming by giving our customers the highest quality in custom built computers. Our systems have since become the backbone for professional gamers, game developers, LAN centers, major Esports tournaments, and everyday consumers. iBUYPOWER has worked intimately with brands such as Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Microsoft, WD, Asus, Bethesda, MLG, and many more. Superior performance, reliability, cutting edge technology, and timely production make iBUYPOWER the authority in PC gaming.

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by Michael Hoang, on June 10, 2016