10 RLCS Group Games to Watch This Weekend

Cosmic_BlogWith over half of the games already played some stories have come to light. Vexx Gaming making me look like a fool, RG Esports playing well vs the top 3, and the favorites to win their region have all performed well (F3, WDG, MEU, iBP, KOU)

Here are 10 games (5 from each region) to look out for this weekend!


North America


-1- iBUYPOWER Cosmic vs Kings of Urban

iBUYPOWER has a commanding lead after 20 games in the group stage but if one team can catch or beat them it would be Kings of Urban. These teams are #1 and #2 in Goals scored, and goals against. This could be a preview of the NA Final! Look out for Sadjunior vs. his old teammate Kronovi in this one!


-2- Kings of Urban vs Mock-it

Mock-it have voiced their frustrations about being behind Kings of Urban in predictions/power rankings for a few weeks now. Well here is their chance to show what they got. Mock-It needs to have a decent set against Kings of Urban to keep their playoff hopes looking good. While Kings of Urban look to solidify that #2 spot.


-3- Mock-It vs Genesis

Both teams that were favored to make playoffs are on the brink thanks to Vexx Gaming’s strong performance. It’s the battle of the spiderman wall players as Low5ive takes on Pluto in this set. If a team loses this 4-1 or worse they could be out of contention for a playoff spot.


-4- Vexx Gaming vs Selfless

Vexx Gaming has come out hot out of the gate. They are putting on a clinic on how to do well in these group stages. 3-2 or 2-3 your peers and 5-0 teams that are suffering (Orbit). Vexx will look to take out Selfless in a similar way after Selfless gave away the first day. They started out 5-0 against Onslaught in a surprise set but couldn’t capitalize on the momentum and went 3-12 in their last 3 sets. Selfless is looking to stay alive and Vexx is looking to solidify their playoff spot.


-5- Orbit vs Onslaught

Can Orbit continue to improve with their sudden roster change? Can Onslaught continue to shake off the 5-0 they suffered early to selfless. Both these teams are at the bottom of the table right now but they are one big series win away from being in the conversation once again. Orbit is giving up the most goals in NA while Onslaught is scoring the least. Something will have to break this week as these teams try and survive.





-1- Mock-It vs We Dem Girlz

The battle for the potential #1 seed in the group should be a great one. There is no arguing that these teams are at the top of Europe and we will get to see a great clash that could determine who avoids Flipsid3 in the playoffs. Paschy vs Remkoe should be a treat to watch. 😀


-2- RG Esports vs KA-POW

RG has played the toughest part of their schedule already so we could see them making moves this week. One move that they need is beating KA-POW to take over the #4 seed and make the playoffs. KA-POW had a favorably schedule week 1. This week they have to play 2 of the top 3 and RG to earn a playoff spot. This series could potentially be the difference between 4th and 5th and should be a close one. KA-POW comes in with the experience but RG is coming in with some great underdog momentum.


-3- RG Esports vs The Flying Dutchmen

In a very similar fashion RG will have to overcome TFD to make playoffs. They sit a game behind them now but TFD also has a tough schedule like KA-POW. If RG can win both these series they will make the playoffs. I guarantee you no one had these guys making top 4 in EU before the Open Qualifier. TFD will have to be aggressive and stop RG’s passing to take them. If TFD can get the ball in the air Vogan should be able to beat out RG in aerial shots and take the win.


-4- Mock-It vs KA-POW

KA-POW didn’t fair well against their first top 3 opponent (WDG 1-4) but they will look to bounce back against MockEU. They have had some recent success against this squad, beating them 4-1 in Gfinity a couple weeks back. If KA-POW wants to stay in this race they will have to perform against the Top 3 teams and this is the team I think they have the best shot against.


-5- Flipsid3 Tactics vs The Flying Dutchmen

The Flying Dutchmen also had only one taste against the Top 3 and didn’t fair too well last week. (MockEU 1-4) They will need to perform against Flipsid3 to stay alive for a playoff spot. Flipsid3 is not safe either, losing both sets to their peers in the top 3 of EU. Also only beating RG 3-2. This week they play 3 playoff hopefuls and the series they play in could determine that 4th spot. They need to open the week fast to guarantee their spot but The Flying Dutchmen definitely have the skill to surprise them. I wouldn’t give this series to Flipsid3 right away.


What games are you guys looking forward to?

by Gibbs, on May 10, 2016

Professional Player for iBP Cosmic. I mostly play a defensive role on the team. I also post Power Rankings and other Rocket League related material!