RLCS NA Group Predictions


This Saturday check out twitch.tv/RocketLeague to watch some of these awesome games! Wasteland is available to be picked so I hope teams have been brushing up on their Wasteland skills.


NA has 3 tiers in this group. We will start from the bottom and work our way up.


Tier 3

Vexx Gaming and Chemistry

If these two teams stood on top of the Empire State Building on a perfectly clear day and looked for tier 2, they may not see it because of the curvature of the Earth. These guys are pretty far behind the top 6. If you take away the 5 wins they will get off one another I don’t expect them to collect more than 15 wins collectively vs the top 6.


Chemistry is in a deeper hole IMO. The few times I have seen them they haven’t looked that promising. Defensive clears have been crap and they need to make more passing plays on the offensive side. This will be a good learning experience for them but I don’t expect them to finish any higher than 7th at best.


Vexx on the other hand we have seen a lot and they never have shown that they can beat a top team besides a one off every month or so. Of course, I wrote all this before Vexx beat Onslaught last night 3-2 in Rocket Royale. This may be an indication of how Onslaught is slumping or it could be showing that Vexx is improving. This weekend should answer those questions. Vexx have had super close sets against mediocre teams in Rocket Royale the past few weeks. Never topping a team better than 3-2. I expect them to fall 1-4 to a ton of these top teams if not worse. East coast servers will hamper their play as well. Vexx is the team though that could make this write up look really stupid.


I expect Vexx to beat Chemistry in the Head 2 Head and earn that 7th spot, while Chemistry will finish in 8th.


NA still has a lot of catching up to do compared to EU when you go down to the 7-15 teams. Right now NA is not looking promising. It seems most of the good players have all teamed up to join a top 6 team leaving the rest of NA pretty weak.

Tier 2

Kings of Urban, Genesis, Mock-It NA, Orbit, and Onslaught

Tier 1 and Tier 2 are a lot closer that 2 is to 3 but we’ll talk about that more in the tier 1 write up. This tier is all about playing the hot hand. Whichever team is hot on the days they play can very easily take #2 in this group.


Kings of Urban are the favorites to get #2. They lost Moses but gained Sadjunior. Moses had a bit more of a defensive mind then Sad does so it will be up to Fireburner to hold down the fort Kings have looked solid in winning series, just sometimes they have go to game 5s when they really shouldn’t be. A 5-0 versus a 3-2 is huge and teams that get swept or do the sweeping could move drastically in this tier.


Genesis is the hot team right now. They had some last minute roster moves thanks to Kings of Urban but it looks like they have settled in and are ready to fight for a top 4 spot. They seem to have a hard time against Kings of Urban and Cosmic still but everyone else they have had some good results against in the past few weeks. If their small passing game is on point I could see these guys going far.


Mock-It NA is a very consistent team. I would put them right below Kings in terms of skill and consistency but these boys know how to play. East Coast servers might make them drop an extra game or two but I think they just slide past some of these other guys to make a playoff spot.


Orbit is that other hot team. As long as HWSid continues his play Orbit can go far. I don’t expect them to make playoffs but they have surprised me before. I am not counting these guys out, ask Orange Creamsicle, RIP.


Onslaught looks to be in a bad slump. They have not looked good over the past two weeks. They failed to make it out of Group stage 2 weeks in a row in Rocket Royale against lesser teams. This past week they actually made it to Knockouts because of a late forfeit from Kindergarden, they then 3-0’ed Mock-It NA but failed to beat Vexx gaming, losing 2-3. At least Onslaught finally put up a good result against Mock NA but they have to get back on the form they had last month if they want to make it to playoffs. This team may be prone to tilting and if they have a tough schedule out of the gate it could be a downward spiral after that.


This will be a wild ride for playoff berths. I could see any of these teams making it or not making it. I expect Kings to get #2, right behind them the hot Genesis boys to get #3, and the consistent Mock-it to get #4. Orbit followed by Onslaught to round out the teams eliminated.

Tier 1


Cosmic is good, but not that good. Kings of Urban have shown that they can compete with them again last week in Rocket Royale. No team has beat the starting 3 besides EU teams and that is worrying for the tier 2 teams. Cosmic does love to throw 1 game in Rocket Royale though to basically anyone. If a tier 2 team starts putting together some 5-0’s they could surpass Cosmic even if they lose the Head to Head.


I expect Cosmic to come out of Groups as #1 they may fall to one of these tier 2 teams but I doubt they will fall to many more. While in tier 2 those teams could be swapping wins a lot.


NA’s top 6 should be wild. Good Luck to all teams fighting it out for the next two weeks. Coverage will be on Saturday at twitch.tv/RocketLeague. You can see my pretty face at the studio to close out the Group Stage. 😀


Final Group Predictions

Playoff Teams

  1. iBUYPOWER Cosmic
  2. Kings of Urban
  3. Genesis
  4. Mock-It NA

Eliminated Teams

  1. Orbit
  2. Onslaught
  3. Vexx Gaming
  4. Chemistry

by Gibbs, on May 6, 2016

Professional Player for iBP Cosmic. I mostly play a defensive role on the team. I also post Power Rankings and other Rocket League related material!