Rocket League EU Power Rankings 3/24/16

Cosmic_BlogDoomsee put it best in the Reddit comments:
“Just a little notice that people should take this week’s power rankings with a pinch of salt. Since the end of the Pro League it’s been like WWE for teams. Half of the teams have been obliterated and a bunch of other teams have been trading players like Pokémon cards. There’s very few results to take note of, so expect a lot of shifts in positions in the next few weeks.

And if you think the EU scene is messy at the moment… This is basically NA right now.

So no NA Rankings this week but we did mange to do an EU one!


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Power Ranking Methodology


These rankings were provided by a committee of people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community. We use a system similar to the Associated Press power rankings for College Football or Basketball – a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed and an average is produced from these rankings. The members of this committee consider several factors when determining their rankings and the competitive results data that is referenced comes from the past few weeks. Each member of the committee has their own method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar.



Power Ranking Committee


Doomsee – SARPBC veteran and Pro player for Supersonic Avengers.


Shalthis – Shoutcaster extraordinaire for ESL, Rocket League Central, and other community events.


DMRawlings – RLC Ambassador and analyst | Just some guy with some stats.


Lunation – SARPBC Veteran, pro player for Comrade Gaming, and expert analyst of the competitive scene


MrLittleThor – eSports enthusiast and ardent observer of the EU competitive scene.












ESL Go4RocketLeague Cup #33 Top 4 –

  • 1 – Hard-On Colliders
  • 2 – Galactic Lions
  • 3 – Ikea Vikings
  • 4 – Symphony RL


ESL Go4RocketLeague Cup #34 Top 4 –

  • 1 – The 3 Musketeers
  • 2 – Comrade Gaming
  • 3 – Hard-On Colliders
  • 4 – BAM eSport


Gfinity 3v3 Cup 3/12 Top 4 –

  • 1 – Mock-it eSports EU
  • 2 – KA-POW
  • 3 – Team_Letim
  • 3 – Perpetual Blackout


Gfinity 3v3 Cup 3/19 Top 4 –

  • 1 – We Dem Boyz
  • 2 – Supersonic Avengers
  • 3 – BAM eSport
  • 3 – Bootz N Catz


IRCL Playoffs


Mockit 3v3 – 3/12

  • 1 – Possible
  • 2 – Snakuxelmvp
  • 3 – Kings of Urban


Mockit 3v3 – 3/19

  • 1 – We Dem Boyz
  • 2 – Double Tap
  • 3 – Lucky Bounce












#1 WeDemGirlz:Remkoe / gReazy / Maestro | Up 2

After Maestro and gReazy said their goodbyes to Supersonic Avengers, they met up with Remkoe for a friendly game of golf to discuss the future of their company. They decided to form a new alliance together under the name WeDemGirlz. Due to the 2/3rds rule, WeDemGirlz took the previous spot of Supersonic Avengers in the power rankings and said “lol 3rd? What do you think we are, some kind of amateurs?” and strolled on up to 1st place thanks to their GFinity victory on Friday. Well, that and because Flipsid3 haven’t really played in anything for the last 3 weeks. Neither have Mock-it. To be honest half of all the European players have been palying hop scotch with various teams, so the rankings will be a little odd for a while. However, WeDemGirlz performed excellently last week in GFinity, taking out Supersonic Avengers 4-1 in the finals, even though SA brought on a super sexy and amazing new player to fill their third spot. Oh, and WDG used a sub (Miztik) in place of gReazy. Crazy times. -Doomsee


#2 Mock-it eSports EU: paschy90 / Sikii / Miztik / Scrub Killa |Down 1

The utter insanity of the past several weeks of roster changes did not leave the former Crown & Jewels team unturned. Original main three members Paschy and Sikii left the team following a clash of differences with the team manager with Scrub Killa following shortly thereafter. The trio then reformed under sponsorship from Mockit eSports, becoming their EU representatives. Mockit EU has had some moderate success lately and inherited the previous position of the original C&J team due to the 2/3rds rule. However, Mockit EU will run into a problem with the upcoming RLCS event, as Scrub Killa falls 3 years shy of the minimum age requirement. Expect more roster chaos in the coming weeks, but Mockit should retain their spot for some time as they play in more events.-Shalthis


#3 FlipSid3 Tactics: Markydooda / M1k3rules / Kuxir97 | Down 1

Flipsid3 Tactics have not played much competitive recently, at least not as a full team. Their last official game was against Ka-Pow in Gfinity almost two weeks ago in which they lost 3-0. As a result, it’s difficult to gauge how they fair against all of the new rosters in Europe. They’re placed 3rd this week as a result of their inactivity, but not dropping them entirely as when they do begin to play more regularly, they will likely be at least a top 3 team. Going into the next era of competitive Rocket League, Flipsid3 will be one of only two rosters to keep the same three players, the other being Ka-Pow, this may give them an initial advantage as other teams spend time adapting to each other’s playstyles. Overall, given the strength of the players on F3 I still have to give them an edge over other teams going into the RLCS, but who knows, out of one of these newly formed teams may emerge one capable of consistently beating Flipsid3, of which I predict We Dem Girlz or Mock-it EU are most likely. -Lunation


#4 Supersonic Avengers: ELMP / Snaski / Doomsee |NEW

After introducing Doomsee to their roster, the new Supersonic Avengers came within a hair of winning the most recent Gfinity tournament, but carved a path through the event that clearly showed that this new trio is a very dynamic force that may prove to be difficult to hold back. Despite losing to a Miztik-al We Dem Girlz team (as We Dem Boyz), SA looks strong and should be able to carve a strong position for themselves in the coming weeks leading into the RLCS. -Shalthis


#5 KA-POW: al0t / Sniperkid138 / Turbopolsa | Down 1

The future of KA-POW is unsure as with essentially every team. They also did not make any changes to their roster, much like Flipsid3. Towards the end of Pro League, especially in the playoffs, they began to look quite inconsistent. Recent results have them beating Flipsid3 3-0, but losing to Mock-it EU 4-2 in the same Gfinity. The result against Flipsid3 is fairly impressive but given their problems during that period it’s not entirely surprising. The loss to Mock-it was to be expected as going forward that team should be amongst the top 3 with Flipsid3 and We Dem Girlz. As with Flipsid3, in the near future they may find initial success due to the fact they have not changed their roster. However, I feel like the strength of the teams around them will eventually be too much for KA-POW. They hold 5th place this week behind SA and ahead of C&J + T3M. My predictions for KA-POW are more or less along these lines, fighting for 4-6th positions in the rankings. -Lunation


#6 The 3 Musketeers:ViolentPanda / Ryuk / ? | Down 1

This will be the last time I have the privilege of writing about The 3 Musketeers with the announcement that has come that they would be parting ways and disbanding the team. The announcement was made after the Rankings had been locked in so they still hold a spot on this week’s rankings but they won’t be featured in future weeks. With the roster change news behind us let’s talk about their performance the past 2 weeks! We didn’t see T3M participate in ESL 2 weeks ago which would have hurt them in terms of climbing up the ranks but this past week helped them cement the #6 spot this week. They participated in this past Sunday’s Go4RL Europe Cup #34 and did what they typically do in ESL by making it to the finals and winning the whole thing again with super sub al0t – beating notable teams such as Comrade and Hard-On Colliders. That wasn’t going to be their only successful ESL result; they still had the ESL February monthly finals to participate in. This time T3M got to the finals yet again – with super sub Miztik – but lost to an always strong Crown & Jewels squad. I hope that Panda, Ryuk, and Zixter can all find suitable teams for their future in Rocket League eSports. -MrLittleThor


#7 Crown & Jewels: Killerno7 / Yeezy / Stocki | New

With Paschy and Sikii riding their bicycles to Mock-it eSports, C&J were left with Killerno7 and Yeezy. Eventually they brought on Stocki to take that third spot and have now become the starting 3 for the team. The only action this week from the guys was the ESL Monthly Finals, where they won it all! They beat Team Rocket 3-0, Comrade Gaming 3-0 and sqeezed in their final victory 4-3 against the now disbanded The 3 Musketeers. Will the new Crown & Jewels be as good as the last one? Honestly, not in my opinion, but C&J were the world champions 3 weeks ago, so it’s pretty hard to match that. However, I believe they are most definitely going to be a well ranked team in the coming months. I expect them to hover around the number #5 spot in the near future, but let’s say I wouldn’t be surprised if they crept up a little higher. -Doomsee


#8 Comrade Gaming: OSP / Juuksey / Musketeers / Lunation | Down 2

Comrade Gaming dips slightly this week and now sit in the #8 spot. Gonthorian is no longer with the team, but they have picked up Lunation to fill the gap. Comrade has not seen a significant amount of play of late, but in that time swept Symphony (once RG eSports) as well as BAM, but lost a heartbreaker 3 games to 4 against The 3 Musketeers at ESL last week.

Comrade’s slight decline (from 6 to 8) is due mostly to two factors: the presence of new teams of quality displacing Comrade, such as Crown & Jewels splitting and now fielding two strong squads. The other factor is the uncertainty relating to their new roster. As of yet they have not had any noteworthy wins with Lunation in the squad. In order for them to climb they will need to defeat teams above them in the power rankings.”-DMRawlings


#9 Hard-On Colliders:Aeleksander / Jayless / MummiSnow | Up 1

Another example of a team that does well in ESL has popped onto the rankings again in Hard-On Colliders. This team has always been on the cusp of the rankings and it continues this week, albeit not entirely due to their performance in ESL. Hard-On Colliders – or HOC for short – have some stiff competition to climb up the ladder and even with their solid results in ESL these past couple weeks. One thing that doesn’t help HOC in getting higher up on the rankings is their GFinity results – or lack thereof – so they can’t progress that much further. HOC have performed well in ESL these past 2 weeks by getting 1st two weeks ago and 3rd this past week. Two weeks ago we saw HOC win Go4RL Cup #33 by beating notable teams – such as Ho Lee Fuk and Galatic Lions – en route to victory. This past week HOC proved that only one dominant ESL team could win by losing to T3M in the semis but that didn’t stop them from taking 3rd place away from the grasp of BAM eSport. I hope we see this team participate in GFinity and continue their solid performances in ESL for the future. -MrLittleThor


#10 BAM eSport:Seventh / Mikageishi / bohem57 / Tequilaz | Up 1

BAM goes from 12th spot in the Power Rankings two weeks ago to #10 this week. What did they do to rise? Well, two weeks ago they took 2 games from a very strong Mockit EU team. Last week they also triumphed over Firewall (3-1) and Dot Dot Dot (3-2). That’s the good news. The bad news is that they lost to an upcoming Ikea Vikings squad (1-3), and last week were swept by Hard-on-Colliders, Supersonic Avengers and Comrade.

BAM has certainly been trending upwards since Mikageishi (formerly Skyline) joined the squad, as well as the continued appearance of Dadooh as a substitute (despite being currently signed to SK). Now they sit in the #10 spot, though they’ve certainly benefited from a glut of currently unsigned, top-tier free agents who have yet to settle into squads, and the other sundry bits of chaos that have been a mainstay in the European pro scene for the past few weeks as we lead up to RLCS. -DMRawlings



On the Bubble Teams

  • 11 – SnK eSports
  • 11 – Ho Lee Fuk
  • 13 – Symphony RL
  • 14 – Team_Letim
  • 15 – Galactic Lions
  • 15 – Bootz N Catz



Teams To Watch

  • Shalthis: Team_Letim
  • DMRawlings: Bootz N Catz
  • Doomsee: Team_Letim
  • Lunation: Team_Letim
  • MrLittleThor: Bootz N Catz



Here is how the members of the committee came to this top 10!


Team Shalthis DMRawlings Doomsee Lunation MrLittleThor Average
WeDemGirlz 1 2 1 2 1 1.40
Mock-it eSports EU 2 1 2 1 2 1.60
FlipSid3 Tactics 3 3 3 3 3 3.00
Supersonic Avengers 4 5 4 4 4 4.20
KA-POW 5 4 5 5 6 5.00
The 3 Musketeers 7 6 7 8 5 6.60
Crown & Jewels 6 8 6 6 8 6.80
Comrade Gaming 8 7 8 7 7 7.40
Hard-On Colliders 10 9 9 9 9 9.20
BAM eSport 9 11 10 10 10 10.00

by Gibbs, on March 24, 2016

Professional Player for iBP Cosmic. I mostly play a defensive role on the team. I also post Power Rankings and other Rocket League related material!