Plenty of Rocket League News This Past Week!


This week I decided to post a more long form post because of no Power Rankings this week I hope you enjoy.


This week has been a crazy week for me personally. I announced over the weekend that I would be stepping down as a player and moving more to a Coach/Manager role for the team.

The amount of love I got from fans and other players was mind blowing. Everyone has been so great and supportive and I really appreciate it.


In other news in the week, Microsoft announced they plan to add cross platform play for future titles starting with Rocket League. As of now it is unclear if Sony will also do this but we know for sure that PC players will soon be able to play against Xbox players as well as the usual PS4 players.

I assume by the time this comes out for Xbox, Sony will also allow cross play and we can have console vs console wars in game! Its  a huge leap for games for sure and its awesome that Rocket League is one of the first games to add this awesome new feature.


The power rankings committee took a week off because once the RLC Pro League was complete rosters have been shuffling in preparation for the Rocket League Championship Series. Open Signups begin on March 25th. Come play for a chance at the $75,000 prize pool!

This is the biggest event in Rocket League history and it all ends with an International LAN. This gonna be good!


Each week I have been doing some Replay Analysis for fans so if you are still learning the game come check out my vids and maybe you will learn a  thing or two.


Next week Power Rankings will be back as teams prep for the big RLCS qualifiers. I can’t wait to see the action. Thanks for reading!

by Gibbs, on March 18, 2016

Professional Player for iBP Cosmic. I mostly play a defensive role on the team. I also post Power Rankings and other Rocket League related material!