Rocket League NA Power Rankings 3/11/16


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Power Ranking Methodology


These rankings were provided by a committee of people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community. We use a system similar to the Associated Press power rankings for College Football or Basketball – a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed and an average is produced from these rankings. The members of this committee consider several factors when determining their rankings and the competitive results data that is referenced comes from the past few weeks. Each member of the committee has their own method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar.





Power Ranking Committee


CloudFuel – Owner of Rocket League Central, ESL NA Community Liaison, and general help for the community


Dirkened – Fan Ambassador (Psyonix) for the Rocket League community


Gibbs – Pro player for iBUYPOWER Cosmic


SoftGoat – Long-time competitive player (currently with ECN Royalty) and avid supporter of the competitive scene.


dpants – RLC Ambassador / Stats guy / Handsome bowler














  • 1 – No Clue
  • 2 – Brace For Impact
  • 3 – Forsaken
  • 3 – Flopside Tictacs


RLC Pro League | Playoffs


Pulsar Premier League Playoffs


IRCL Playoffs



  • 1 – Kings of Urban
  • 2 – Crown & Jewels
  • 3 – Complain





  • THE SCOUTING REPORT (coming soon…)







#1 Kings of Urban: Fireburner / Jacob / Moses |

I’ve always thought that Kings of Urban played a very similar style to the boys on the wrong side of the pond (Kappa), and one of my biggest curiosities was whether or not they’d be able to beat EU at their own game. Well, there’s no doubt in my mind now that KoU is up here as the #1 NA team, but not only that they’re one of the best in the world due to how well they stick to their tactics. Given their down to the wire games vs FlipSide, a dominating 4-1 vs Supersonic Avengers, and then their 2-0’s vs C&J and Complain in MIL, KoU have given a perfect example of letting their performances speak for them. When it came down to it KoU not only showed that they can match with the EU teams, they nearly took out one of the best EU teams to have ever played. If that isn’t a testament to their ability as a team, then I’m not sure what is. -Dirkened


#2 Untethered: Lachinio / Vafele / Pluto |

I first wrote this nice paragraph about how NA has 3 solid world contenders against EU after Untethered took Flipsid3 Tactics to 7 games on Sunday. Shortly after we heard Untethered is breaking up, Lach looks to be moving onto something else Rocket League related and Vafele is taking a break. Pluto is a big question mark right now but I assume he will find a team rather quickly. Roster Armageddon has started and it took my favorite rivalry away from me. Cosmic has been playing Untethered since the beginning of the game and every time it was a fight. Both teams wanted to win so badly when we would get matched up in early ESLs. Some of my favorite games in Rocket League are against Untethered and I wish all 3 of them the best. Cheers to you guys for pushing Cosmic to be better. -Gibbs


#3 iBUYPOWER Cosmic: Kronovi / Sadjunior / Gibbs |

If it weren’t for the completely ridiculous and incredible final series from Sunday, my series of the day would have undoubtedly been the semifinal match between iBP Cosmic and the eventual league champion, Crown & Jewels. Five of the seven games were decided by one goal. Gibbs went completely bonkers in Game 4 scoring 5 goals in their 6-2 win, but Crown & Jewels ended iBP Cosmic’s playoffs with a solid 3-0 win in Game 7. Before meeting Crown & Jewels in the semifinals, though, Cosmic traded blows with Europe’s #4 Ka-Pow (formerly myXMG) securing the series victory with a 4-0 knock-out punch win in Game 7. iBP Cosmic has slipped in the rankings lately, but this past Sunday they proved that they can still hang with the best in the world. -dpants


#4 Failure To Launch: Genocop / Zanejackey / HotWheelsSid | Up 1

Unfortunately, the RLC Cinderella story didn’t quite finish happily ever after, but that doesn’t mean the journey toward the top is over for Failure to Launch. FtL finds themselves in a very peculiar spot, being just below the titans but just above the commoners. Their stomp through the monthly finals put quite a bit of distance between them and close rivals like Double Tap, but their unfortunate performance against Crown & Jewels in the Pro League leaves a bit of room for improvement. Sitting comfortably in this spot for weeks now (at least to me), they might have their opportunity this week. Untethered announced their end and Cosmic, although very strong in the RLC playoffs, have been trending a bit downward since their invulnerable period. If they participate, a spectacular finish in this weekend’s Mock-it could be the ticket for Failure to hit the top 2, and as one of their biggest fangirls, I hope to see them walk away with a win. -SoftGoat


#5 Double Tap: Digital / Espeon / Jamesbot | Down 1

Previously red-hot DoubleTap cooled off to a warmish orange this past week. They skipped the new ESL Plantronics Cup in favor of the ESL Monthly Final for February where they defeated Insert Sponsor Here 3-1, but then fell to 2ARC 1-3. They did, however, win their series against 2nd place Eversatile 3-1 in the Pulsar Premier League. With the new iteration of Mock-It eSports entering the scene and 2ARC looking better each week, DoubleTap face some stiff competition and will need to be at their best to stay where they’ve been lately. -dpants


#6 2ARC: Finesse Greg / Kazoo / SteveGates | Up 1

I don’t know what kind of demon 2ARC has wronged, but their runner-up streak is getting ridiculous. It’s been four weeks in a row now that this squad has lost to the eventual winners, but their consistent wins against the teams around them is remarkable. Taking down Double Tap and Kairos before losing to Failure to Launch in the ESL Monthly Finals, 2ARC has proven they are not just an obstacle to other teams, but a serious contender to the Top 5. With their series win against Double Tap and the recent disbanding of Untethered, 2ARC has a legitimate opportunity to push for the #4 spot next week, provided they keep putting up the results that have steadily marched them up the pole. One of these days I hope to see 2ARC finally snag a tournament win, and with the current NA shuffle going on, this week might be their best shot. -SoftGoat


#7 VexX Gaming: Jayyyrah / Garrett / Turtle | Down 1

Formerly known as Turbulence, VexX decided to take a bit of a break (along with a few other teams) from competitions this week as I’m sure they were all counting down the hours before the RLC Playoffs. Well, that or the changed times for ESL caught everyone off guard, idk but I’d like to think it’s the first one. Jokes aside, VexX has always been one of the most tuned in and serious teams out there, they’ve got their eyes on becoming one of the best in NA and I couldn’t imagine that they’d start slacking off with the RLCS sign ups just ahead of us. I expect to see VexX right back on top of their game come this weekend so don’t for a second think that this break is going to continue. Of course before I go I’d like to congratulate VexX on their new sponsor! I trust these boys are more fired up than ever for RLCS. -Dirkened


#8 Mock-it eSports: Low5ive / Insolences / Rizzo | New

After the disbanding of Mock-it eSports 1.0 (which featured Klassux and KyleMasc alongside Low5ive), Low has come back an entirely new line-up for version 2.0 that features 2 highly touted free agents in Rizzo and Insolences. Insolences (previously known as DcarMody32) is a SARPBC vet who is widely regarded as one of the best dribblers in the game. Rizzo is currently ranked in the top 70 of the world in Solo Standard and is known to be a well-rounded player with solid passing skills. Since joining forces, they haven’t had many opportunities to demonstrate their skills and in the events they have attended, they haven’t been able to break past some of the top 6 ranked teams but they’ve done enough to land themselves a spot in the Top 10 this week. -CloudFuel


#9 Back That Pass Up: Chrome / Ping Pong Pete / Sad Koala |

BTPU has done well with collecting a decent amount of wins, but they’ve struggled to get a consistent number of wins against teams in the Top 10. They come close, like their 2-3 loss to Failure to Launch in the ESL Monthly Finals, but in order to move up any higher they’ll need to show that they can do more than just take games off the teams above them. They have some tough competition pushing up from below as well, so now would be a really good time for BTPU to turn on the boosters and start blazing through their competition. -CloudFuel


#10 Orange Creamsicle: Edwind / Quinn Lobdell / Gambit | Down 2

Orange Creamsicle is back at the stage of finding a nw third. This week they tried out Klassux during the Mock-It Tournament. They fared pretty well beating Ho Lee Fuk (20), Apollo 11 (2-1) and EthAerial Assassins (2-0). They fell to Mock-It Esports and did not play in the their second match in the loser’s bracket due to an error. Either way Orange Creamsicle showed that they are still plenty good at this game without Gambit and once they solidify their third they should be rising in the ranks. With Roster Armageddon in mid swing OC will have plenty to choose from before they eventually make a decision. -Gibbs





Teams To Watch

  • CloudFuel: Team Name TBD
  • Dirkened: Unknown Randys
  • Gibbs: EthAerial Assassins
  • SoftGoat: Forsaken
  • dpants: ECN Royalty





On the Bubble Teams

  • 11 – Brace for Impact
  • 12 – Kairos
  • 13 – Paranomics
  • 14 – Lucky Bounce
  • 15 – Forsaken
  • 16 – Team Name TBD





Here is how the members of the committee came to this top 10!


Kings of Urban 1 1 1 1 1 1.00
Untethered 2 2 2 2 3 2.20
iBUYPOWER Cosmic 3 3 3 3 2 2.80
Failure To Launch 4 4 4 4 4 4.00
Double Tap 5 5 5 5 5 5.00
2ARC 6 6 6 6 6 6.00
VexX Gaming (Turbulence) 7 7 7 7 7 7.00
Mock-it eSports 9 8 8 8 9 8.40
Back That Pass Up 8 9 9 9 8 8.60
Orange Creamsicle 10 11 10 11 10 10.40

by Gibbs, on March 11, 2016

Professional Player for iBP Cosmic. I mostly play a defensive role on the team. I also post Power Rankings and other Rocket League related material!