Rocket League EU Power Rankings 2/25/16


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Power Ranking Methodology

These rankings were provided by a committee of people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community. Each member of the committee has a different method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar. The members of this committee consider several factors when determining their rankings and the data referenced is typically from more than just the most recent week of competition.



Power Ranking Committee


  • SARPBC veteran and Pro player for Team Rocket


  • Shoutcaster extraordinaire for ESL, Rocket League Central, and other community events


  • RLC Ambassador and analyst | Just some guy with some stats.


  • SARPBC Veteran, pro player and expert analyst of the competitive scene


  • eSports enthusiast and ardent observer of the EU competitive scene






ESL CUP #30 Top 4 –

  • 1 – The 3 Musketeers
  • 2 – Team Rocket
  • 3 – Backflip Boys
  • 4 – FireWall


GFinity 3v3 Cup Top 4 –

  • 1 – Literally
  • 2 – The 3 Musketeers
  • 3 – Comrade Gaming
  • 3 – The Grouchy Squidwards


RLC Pro League | Standings –

  • 20-10 | Crown & Jewels [X]
  • 19-11 | FlipSid3 Tactics [X]
  • 18-12 | myXMG [X]
  • 15-15 | Supersonic Avengers [X]
  • 12-18 | Noble eSports
  • 11-19 | Spectral
  • 10-20 | SK Gaming


Pulsar Premier League Standings


IRCL Standings




  • RINGTELEFONRING has left The 3 Musketeers
  • Miztik has left Spectral




  • ScrubKilla
  • Reteq
  • ll_Musketeers_ll
  • Lauty
  • Dersjen
  • gkko
  • Pwndx10
  • Miztik
  • Stewie




#1 FlipSid3 Tactics: Markydooda / Kuxir97 / M1k3rules |

Flipsid3 did not play in any games this past week, but remain in 1st due to obvious reasons. Markydooda however played in both Gfinity and the 3v3 Mock-it tournament with a couple of other, much weaker players (including myself ;)), doing rather well and making the Semi-final and final respectively, beating C&J 3-0 and a 2/3 myXMG roster 3-1 in the process. Whilst not directly relevant to Flipsid3, his performance alone is noteworthy going into the Pro League Playoffs. Having taken a short break to refresh himself a bit, he’s looking like coming back even more monstrous than he was previous, boding well for F3. If they weren’t already clear favourites to take the title, the current form of Markydooda should cement this. In summary of F3’s performance over the Pro League regular season, they qualify 2nd just behind C&J, which ultimately was quite surprising. They end up scoring more goals and creating more assists than any other team. They also have the highest combined player score of any team, with all three players being in the top 18 of points scored, a feat no other team can boast. This demonstrates the immense ability of all three players, and that they don’t just rely on one single person to carry the team. Looking ahead they will be facing off against Untethered in the first round of the playoffs. I suspect this will be a 4-1/4-0 win to F3, possibly dropping the 1st game as they typically do in a lot of their series, due to their notorious slow starts. -Lunation


#2 myXMG: al0t / Sniperkid138 / Turbopolsa | Up 2

MyXMG move up to a very impressive 2nd place this week, leapfrogging both C&J and SA in the process. While I personally put them 3rd instead of 2nd, what’s clear in both cases is that they’ve risen to a new level, achieving performances that they could not previously. They played in both the Pro League and a 2/3 roster for Gfinity. Their Gfinity run was strong up until the quarter-final in which they faced a team of Markydooda, myself and Alieuzz, fresh off a 3-0 win against C&J. myXMG lose 3-1, but with a roster implementing Fireburner instead of their best player Turbopolsa, it is understandable why they wouldn’t be at full strength so this result does not weigh much towards their ranking. Their Pro League performance both this week and last week is the reason why this team has surged forward. They took down SA 3-2 with both teams at full strength. This win secured their 3rd place in the Pro League standings and demonstrates the growth of this team over the past few weeks. Going from being a middle-of-the-pack team to now a formidable team, able to take games and beat any team. Statistically, they don’t show anything outstanding from their season in Pro League but they’re very high up in every aspect of the game, proving a sense of completeness in their performances. On an individual level, Turbopolsa has been their standout player this season, placing 4th among all Pro League players for overall score, falling only to Kuxir from EU. This is reflected in his stats for pretty much all other categories like goals, assists and saves, of which are all way above average. Looking ahead to the playoffs, they have a very tough challenge going up against iBP from NA. This matchup is extremely tricky to interpret due to the lack of international competition over the past few months and so my prediction is based purely on how I feel EU as a whole will stack up against NA, in which I’ll say myXMG take this 4-3.-Lunation


#3 Supersonic Avengers: ELMP / gReazy / Maestro / Snaski | Down 1

For the first time in a few weeks we see Supersonic Avengers drop out of the #2 spot. Them losing to myXMG is a big factor in this week’s rank but this could have been decided by a coin flip. This team definitely has a chance to perform even better in playoffs even with the tough competition. We also saw 2/3rd’s of this team participate in Gfinity with Remkoe as their third and they wound up beating a T3M team that was shredding the competition up until that point. Who knows if Avengers will be able to reclaim the #2 spot back but they definitely have competition. Their Pro League playoff dreams will have BIG obstacles in facing Kings of Urban in the first round, so I expect to see a well-fought game from this team and maybe they can prove they do belong in the #2 spot. -MrLittleThor


#4 Crown & Jewels: Paschy90 / Yeezy / Killerno7 / Sikiicem | Down 1

We’ve seen the crown of C&J tarnish just a bit over the last few weeks. With a disappointing 3-2 loss last week to an invigorated myXMG squad and an unconvincing 4-1 win against a nose-diving SK team this week at Pro League, Crown didn’t quite do enough to fend off usurpers. Part of that may have had to do with an ailment that affected Paschy’s play in an early round of 16 exit in GFinity and forced him to step aside in favour of Killerno7 in C&J’s match up against SK. Part of that almost certainly involved some quality play by myXMG, who push past Crown & Jewels this week on the way to the top.

Crown & Jewels sported the 2nd best shooting percentage, 2nd best save percentage, as well as the 2nd best goals against average in regular season of the Pro League. They remain the most disciplined, defensive team in EU, and will surely be clinical when they face Failure to Launch, the surprise story of NA in the first round of the RLC Pro League playoffs. -DMRawlings


#5 The 3 Musketeers:ViolentPanda / Ryuk / Krazack | Up 4

I had the pleasure of writing about this team during my trial run and now they’re back at it again. With a new member Krazack filling for Ring during Gfinity and ESL they seemed almost unstoppable. During their big Gfinity run they managed to make it all the way to the finals without dropping a game to notable teams – such as RG esports, FireWall, and Comrade – before dropping to 2/3rd’s of Supersonic Avengers plus remkoe. T3M decided that if they couldn’t win Gfinity then they could set out to win ESL again and win ESL they did. If results this week could tell a story it would be T3M proving they do belong in the midst of the power rankings for a while. -MrLittleThor


#6 Noble eSports:Skyline / Vogan / Stocki1997 / Meeps |Down 1

It wasn’t the best week for Noble, to put it lightly. With their last Pro League match, they pretty much got their bumpers handed to them on a plate by Spectral. Losing 4-1 wasn’t a good sign, and with almost every game lost having quite a large goal difference, it was like watching Barcelona Vs. Swansea U12s. Noble did manage to squeeze one game in, however, in a close 3-2 OT match. Noble have been shifting between 6th and 5th for a few weeks now so they seem to have settled down nicely, but it seems that Scrubkilla’s temporary subbing for Spectral worked wonders for them, but wasn’t great news for Noble. -Doomsee


#7 SK Gaming:X3MW / Dadooh / JHZER | Down 1

It has been a challenging final two weeks to the RLC Pro League for SK Gaming. While the entire season was no walk in the park, it seemed as though SK had begun to find a bit of footing following a 3-2 series win against Noble eSports. Unfortunately, their final two weeks pit them against the European Region’s top two teams in FlipSid3 Tactics and Crown & Jewels. The shot-heavy strategy of FlipSid3 and the calculated attack approach of Crown & Jewels all but completely shut SK Gaming down in their respective series, leaving the former EU #1 team with only two wins total across both week’s matches. For SK, their biggest hurdle now comes in finding direction. Will the once-dominant European squad resolve their short comings and find the time to play more and perhaps recover some of their former glory, or is their life in the top 10 starting to drift away? Competition is as fierce as ever in EU, so SK won’t have much time to spare if they want to chance a comeback. -Shalthis


#8 Spectral:TJShorty / ? / ? |

Spectral brought a new look to Pro League this week, as TJShorty sat out in favour of fan-favourite, pre-teen sensation Scrub Killa. This modified Spectral roster, already mathematically eliminated from the Pro League post-season, was called on to play spoiler against playoff-hopeful Noble eSports… and boy, did they deliver! Spectral took the series, going 4 and 1 with a combined goal total of 23 to 8.

With a bye week last week in Pro League, a super-sub spiked roster this week, and no GFinity or ESL matches this week to speak of it’s hard to get a sense of where Spectral stands right now. They manage to tread water in the power rankings, with T3M’s meteoric rise being offset by eSportsWall’s slight decline. After a disappointing Pro League remkoe has split from the squad, leaving in his wake unanswered questions: will Spectral disband, or will TJShorty and miztik bolster their ranks with a new team member? -DMRawlings


#9 eSportsWall:Intrauzes / Unknow / Kaydop | Down 2

Oh man, if you saw the crazy shenanigans that eSportsWall got up to this week, you would question the very existence of your lives! It was like watching dark matter this week. Is it there? Is it not there? Can we find it? Who knows!? They were so stealthy in their playstyle this week that we couldnt even find them in any of the tournaments. They moved down two spots this week, thanks to both Spectral and T3M’s solid performances this week. How will they do in the future, however? I believe there’s every chance they can get back up a spot or two, but their performances do seem to vary quite heftily from game to game, so I expect to see some very varied ranking spots. -Doomsee


#10 Comrade Gaming: Gontho / O.S.P. / Juuksey |New

It’s good to see Comrade Gaming’s name back on the Top 10. After a long period of time on the outside looking in, Comrade has had a tremendous week of results which has seen the group pick up notable wins in ESL and Gfinity, leaving them in a comfortable position in 10th place. Comrade is also in the top 10 by one of the most comfortable margins to date, with a full point and a half separating them from the 11th place team. This gives them a bit of breathing room, but the lower part of the top 10 is always the most competitive and fleeting, meaning Comrade will need to continue to show the same sort of solid performance that got them on this list every single week to keep them here. -Shalthis



On the Bubble Teams

  • 11 – Team Rocket
  • 12 – AneVia
  • 13 – FireWall
  • 14 – Backflip Boys
  • 15 – RG eSports
  • 16 – experiMENTAL



Teams To Watch

  • Shalthis: Backflip Boys
  • DMRawlings: FireWall
  • Doomsee: Backflip Boys
  • Lunation: AneVia
  • MrLittleThor: Bootz N Catz



Here is how the members of the committee came to this top 10!


Team Shalthis DMRawlings Doomsee Lunation MrLittleThor Average
FlipSid3 Tactics 1 1 1 1 1 1.00
myXMG 3 2 2 3 3 2.60
Supersonic Avengers 2 4 4 2 2 2.80
Crown & Jewels 4 3 3 4 4 3.60
The 3 Musketeers 6 6 5 5 5 5.40
Noble eSports 5 5 7 6 6 5.80
SK Gaming 7 7 8 7 8 7.40
Spectral 8 9 6 8 7 7.60
eSportsWall 9 8 9 9 10 9.00
Comrade Gaming 10 11 10 10 9 10.00


by Gibbs, on February 25, 2016

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