Rocket League EU Power Rankings 2/17/16


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Power Ranking Methodology

These rankings were provided by a committee of people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community. Each member of the committee has a different method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar. The members of this committee consider several factors when determining their rankings and the data referenced is typically from more than just the most recent week of competition.



Power Ranking Committee


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ESL CUP #29 Top 4 –

  • 1 –
  • 2 – Comrade Gaming
  • 3 – RG eSports
  • 4 – Team Rocket


GFinity 3v3 Cup Top 4 –

  • 1 – Perpetual Blackout
  • 2 – Crown & Jewels
  • 3 – myXMG
  • 3 – Backflip Boys


RLC Pro League | Standings –

  • 19-11 | FlipSid3 Tactics
  • 16-9 | Crown & Jewels
  • 15-10 | myXMG
  • 13-12 | Supersonic Avengers
  • 11-14 | Noble eSports
  • 9-16 | SK Gaming
  • 7-18 | Spectral


Pulsar Premier League Standings


IRCL Standings




  • Several teams are rumored to be shaking up their rosters in the upcoming weeks.
  • Rumor is that ZIXTeR has joined The 3 Musketeers.
  • Sebadam has joined FireWall.




  • ScrubKilla
  • Reteq
  • Blackyz
  • ll_Musketeers_ll
  • Lauty
  • Dersjen
  • gkko
  • Pwndx10




  • ESL Cup #29 – Bootz N Catz (3) – The 3 Musketeers (0)




#1 FlipSid3 Tactics: Markydooda / Kuxir97 / M1k3rules |

It was a pretty solid week for FlipSid3 Tactics across the board. Markydooda was unavailable for GFinity this week, so Wrong_Way_Woody subbed for them under the team name “Perpetual Blackout.” Woody? Who on earth would play with that guy? Nonetheless, they stormed through the bracket and won the whole damn thing, beating Crown & Jewels 4-1 in the finals. Even with a sub, FlipSid3 Tactics can dominate. Later on in the week it was Pro League day! This was FlipSid3 Tactics’ last match in the Pro League and with it, they secured their spot in the playoffs, winning 4-1 against SK Gaming. With both a tournament and a Pro League victory, F3 certainly deserve to stay at #1 yet again. -Doomsee


#2 Supersonic Avengers: ELMP / gReazy / Maestro / Snaski |

In spite a shocking series finish to Noble eSports in the RLC Pro League, Avengers are still in a prime spot maintaining the #2 spot in EU. Their win against FlipSid3 Tactics last week certainly helped them maintain some momentum but a lot of their success will depend on the results of RPL Week 7. While they are mostly in a secure spot for the RPL playoffs, there are a few situations that could force them out, but they’ll be standing up against a very hot myXMG team to wrap up their season. Depending on how things go forward, they may find their spot challenged by other European teams in due time. -Shalthis


#3 Crown & Jewels: Paschy90 / Yeezy / Killerno7 / Sikiicem |

It’s fair to say that Crown & Jewels have been a bit out of form as of late, which is highly impressive since they still made it to the finals of GFinity. Crown & Jewels, amongst other top 10 teams, have had some close shaves in recent weeks, and their overall form has been quite lacking. Despite this, however, they have still been performing quite well since…ya know…they’re one of the best teams in the world. During this week’s GFinity they were given plenty of opportunities to be knocked out, but came out on top almost every time. First, they faced Team Rocket in Round 4, and after being down 2-1, they came back to win 3-2. In the following rounds, they took down Spectral 3-0, followed by myXMG 3-1. Once they reached the finals, however, they were swiftly beaten 4-1 by Perpetual Blackout (Flipsid3 + Wrong_Way_Woody). Despite beating myXMG, however, myXMG were not going to let it happen twice. In this week’s Pro League match, myXMG beat Crown & Jewels 3-2, which helps to keep things exciting! Crown & Jewels are still showing some strong results, but their recent performance had some huge flaws in it. Every team has some rough patches and I’m sure Crown & Jewels can return to their proper form soon and perhaps regain that number 2 spot again. Hey, I mean, if you’re going through a rough patch and you’re still #3, that’s ridiculously impressive. -Doomsee


#4 myXMG: al0t / Sniperkid138 / Turbopolsa |

myXMG has been tearing it up recently and have been looking like one of the hottest teams in the world. This past weekend was one of their best performances to date. Their performance in GFinity was spectacular – beating FireWall and SA who had Remkoe subbing – but they were foiled in the semifinals by the current #3 team Crown & Jewels. However, myXMG didn’t let that loss get to them as they faced Crown & Jewels in RPL the following Sunday and came out on top 3-2 in the five-game set. I was tempted to rank them higher but the teams ahead of them had faced pretty stiff competition. Watch the 2-4 rankings in the future. -MrLittleThor


#5 Noble eSports: Skyline / Vogan / Stocki1997 / Meeps | Up 1

Noble climb one spot this week into 5th, surpassing SK in doing so. Their matches came purely from Pro League in which they took out SA 3-2 in what was a fairly strong performance. Noble continue to develop their defensive, counter-attacking style which works most effective against teams such as SA that are aggressive. They are able to soak up the pressure and take the few chances that they can get. This is demonstrated by the amount of saves that Noble currently possess, 111, 49 of which come from Skyline, 2nd only to Kuxir. It should however be stated that this week SA were running Snaski instead of Maestro, which is a much less threatening SA, but Noble’s win is impressive nonetheless. Their climb into 5th is also aided by the continued decline of SK as they still struggle to demonstrate strong performances after the departure of Yemen from the team. Going into the last week of Pro League there is a hot battle for the playoff spots, 3rd and 4th, between myXMG, SA and Noble, all three of which can either miss out or qualify. Noble have the worse of the three records, sitting at 11 wins, whilst myXMG and SA have 15 and 13 wins respectively. Those two teams however player each other this coming week and so Noble will be hoping for a clean sweep on either side, or a myXMG win, whilst Noble are likely to beat a struggling Spectral. -Lunation


#6 SK Gaming: X3MW / Dadooh / JHZER | Down 2

SK suffered a 4-1 setback at the RLC Pro League this week against a magisterial Flipsid3 squad in the only competitive match they played this week. While they certainly lost, they did manage to keep every game within one goal against a much higher-ranked opponent. The way I see it there are two, related things that keep SK from busting into the top 6: their 3.12 goals against average and 62.3% save percentage are 2nd worst in all of Pro League. In essence they’re giving up an extra half a goal a game compared to the league average. If they can fix that, they’ve proven they have great teamwork (a league-leading 81.4% of their goals have been assisted) to do great things. -DMRawlings


#7 eSportsWall: Intrauzes / Unknow / Kaydop | Up 3

The team formerly known as Stoic has received a nice bump upwards to the #7 spot. The only wall this team hit in GFinity or ESL this week was the always dominant F3 in Quarterfinals but that result aside they managed to beat some tough competition. As previous rankings suggest, winning an ESL weekly tournament really helps towards the rankings and that is shown in this slight jump in rankings. During eSportsWall’s run in ESL they managed to beat a number of teams that have made appearances in our Power Rankings before – such as Firewall, BAM eSport, Team Rocket, and Comrade Gaming. This is a roster that can surely keep in the mid-tier of the rankings but they need to get even better performances in GFinity to prove themselves to make it further up the rankings. -MrLittleThor


#8 Spectral: TJShorty / remkoe / Miztik |

A team in free-fall, Spectral now occupy 8th position in the rankings, being passed by eSportsWall (formerly Stoic). With the recent departure of Remkoe, this is a team full of uncertainties especially since they can no longer qualify for the Pro League playoffs. The only tournament games to report this week are from Gfinity, using their new roster which includes Scrub Killa to replace Remkoe. They narrowly avoid defeat against 2 members of Dot Dot Dot and myself :), with a tight 3-2 reverse sweep. They then beat Royals (formerly Torched) 3-1 and Rhino Horn 3-0, pitting them against Crown and Jewels in the quarter finals in which they get swept 3-0. Overall the new iteration of the roster is arguably a weaker one despite the addition of Scrub Killa during Gfinity, due to the now lack of synergy between the players, something they relied upon previously in order to eke out results. As they are now out of the Pro League, it is likely this team will have a significant shakeup in the coming weeks and so the future of this team is not looking bright. -Lunation


#9 The 3 Musketeers: ViolentPanda / Ryuk / RingTelefonRing | Down 2

The 3 Musketeers loses a bit of ground this week, but it has less to do with their own success and more to do with the success of the teams around them. While Ring was out of action for much of T3M’s tournament runs this week, moves from teams like eSportsWall have nudged them downward in the rankings. Though T3M should not be taken lightly since, at full strength, the trio is extremely effective and may surpass their opponents in no time flat. -Shalthis


#10 AneVia RL: FaNaTiz / Killarnaud / S_TONYDARK / Chausette45 / PlaY0urLife | Down 1

The rise of eSportsWall is at the expense of a few teams, including AneVia. AneVia’s only action last week was in ESL, where they had a disappointing loss to rising RG eSports RL in the quarter-finals. While AneVia has shown a lot of promise, they’re beginning to trend downwards as Comrade, RG and the ever-charismatic Team Rocket claw at their heels. Another win against an 8-12 ranked team is needed soon to cement their position in the Power Rankings or they risk dropping back into the pool of up-and-comers. -DMRawlings



On the Bubble Teams

  • 11 – Comrade Gaming
  • 12 – RG eSports
  • 13 – Team Rocket
  • 14 – Firewall
  • 15 – experiMENTAL
  • 16 – Bootz N Catz



Teams To Watch

  • Shalthis: RG eSports
  • DMRawlings: Rhino Horn
  • Doomsee: Team Rocket
  • Lunation: Bootz N Catz
  • MrLittleThor: TranQuility & Turbulence



Here is how the members of the committee came to this top 10!


Team Shalthis   DMRawlings   Doomsee   Lunation   MrLittleThor   Average  
FlipSid3 Tactics  1  1  1  1  1  1.00
Supersonic Avengers  2  2  2  2  2  2.00
Crown & Jewels  3  3  3  3  3  3.00
myXMG  4  4  4  4  4  4.00
Noble eSports  5  5  5  5  5  5.00
SK Gaming  6  6  6  6  7  6.20
eSportsWall  7  10  7  7  6  7.40
Spectral  8  7  8  9  8  8.00
The 3 Musketeers  9  8  9  8  9  8.50
AneVia RL  10  9  10  10  10  9.80

by Gibbs, on February 17, 2016

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