Rocket League EU Power Rankings 1/13/16


We are back after a 3 week hiatus on the rankings side of things! The Pro League has started so interesting matches will happen every week. Should be exciting!

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These rankings were provided by a committee of 3 people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community. Each member of the committee has a different method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar. The committee also considers more than just the past week of competition when determining where a team deserves to be ranked.



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ESL CUP #22 Top 8 –

  • 1 – Supersonic Avengers (kuxir97 sub)
  • 2 – Spectral (Vogan sub)
  • 3 – Team Solid (Law sub)
  • 4 – Crown & Jewels (X3MW sub)
  • 5 – The 3 Musketeers
  • 5 – Torched
  • 5 – Ruled By Secrecy
  • 5 – Ikea Vikings


ESL CUP #23 Top 8 –

  • 1 – Crown & Jewels
  • 2 – The 3 Musketeers
  • 3 – Gold Rush
  • 4 – myXMG
  • 5 – Ruled By Secrecy
  • 5 – Manteca_FC
  • 5 – LMR
  • 5 – Spectral (Noir1992 sub)


ESL CUP #24 Top 8 –

  • 1 – The 3 Musketeers
  • 2 – AneVia RL
  • 3 – Galactic Lions
  • 4 – Ikea Vikings
  • 5 – Team Rocket
  • 5 – Just Bought The Game
  • 5 – orKs.RL
  • 5 – Firewall (fredd97 sub)


RLC Pro League | Standings –

  • 5-0 | Crown & Jewels
  • 3-2 | FlipSid3 Tactics
  • 3-2 | SK Gaming
  • 2-3 | myXMG
  • 2-3 | Spectral
  • 0-0 | Noble eSports
  • 0-5 | Supersonic Avengers



  • 5-1 | SK Gaming
  • 4-2 | Spectral
  • 4-2 | Noble eSports
  • 4-1 | Crown & Jewels
  • 3-3 | Team Rocket
  • 3-2 | Comrade Gaming
  • 3-1 | FlipSid3 Tactics




  • Gold Rush is parting ways. Scrub Kill and Lunation are looking for a 3rd while Desgadelhado is looking for 2 new teammates.
  • The 3 Musketeers disbanded after RINGTELEFONRING left for Crown & Jewels. Ring then returned to The 3 Musketeers within just a few days and the team has been together ever since.
  • Firewall is currently looking for a new 3rd.
  • Spectral dropped Dkyhnee and picked up Miztik
  • Oneill has left Noble eSports and joined Team Rocket.
  • inXtremis RL is now AneVia RL.




  • GFinity – Supersonic Avengers (3) / FlipSid3 Tactics (0)
  • GFinity – Firewall (3) / SK Gaming (1)
  • GFinity – My.Con | Tempest (3) / Team Rocket (1)
  • RLC Pro League – Crown & Jewels (5) / Supersonic Avengers (0)



#1 FlipSid3 Tactics: Markydooda / Kuxir97 / M1k3rules |

I’ll lay it down for ya’ll, basically how I see EU right now is that any one of these top 4 teams is capable of becoming #1 EU. We have clearly seen it recently as well: F3 lost 0-3 to SA which may come as a surprise to some and others not so much and then F3 comes off of a solid 3-2 win over C&J in IRCL. BUT of course it gets tricky given that C&J and SA are constantly beating each other while F3 and SK come out of the first week of the RLC Pro League 3-2. Honestly I wanted to shake things up a bit this week but the fact that F3 proves time and time again that they are going to beat the best stops me short of getting hate mail on reddit. 😉 Back on track though, F3 has consistently been the best in EU but I hope it’s just the winter break that has taken off a bit of their edge.-Därkened


#2 SK Gaming: X3MW / Dadooh / JHZER / Yemen |

SK Gaming really didn’t show us very many games over the past few weeks and that makes it pretty tough to rank them properly. The 1-3 loss against Firewall is definitely a surprise considering that SK hasn’t really lost to many teams in the Top 10 let alone a team outside of the Top 10. The close 3-2 win over myXMG in the RLC Pro League is certainly a quality win and SK really looked poised to make it 4-1, but myXMG fought hard in the last game to bring the final tally a bit closer. With only those 2 significant matches played over the past few weeks, a team like Crown & Jewels looks even more impressive by comparison with all of the big wins they amassed. I think it’s rather fitting, though, that they end up tied this week because it really just comes down to what your ranking criteria is and a case could certainly be made for either squad. SK will have another opportunity to play some more top level teams soon, though, and that should help to make the picture a bit more clear. -CloudFuel


#2 Crown & Jewels: Paschy90 / xGodLiightx / Killerno7 / Sikiicem | Up 2

The crew at Crown & Jewels have begun a climb that may be difficult to stop. Despite a brief visit from RINGTELEFONRING, C&J have stuck to their usual roster of players and had a series of commanding wins this past week. Despite a Gfinity Finals loss to Supersonic Avengers, they would find vengeance during the RLC Pro League as they absolutely mopped the floor with their opponents 5 games to 0. Though they’ve only tied for second in these Power Rankings, they hold steadfast to the #1 spot in the RPL EU Region standings. Next week, they challenge FlipSid3 and we’ll see how that holds up, considering they lost to F3 in the IRCL this week, as well. -Shalthis


#4 Supersonic Avengers: ELMP / gReazy / Maestro / Snaski | Up 1

Playing around with their fair share of subs this winter break, SA has some particularly fantastic wins and one uncharacteristic loss. Not to mention the looks-worse-than-it-actually-was 0-5 series against C&J in the RLC Pro League. Historically SA has had its ups and downs, but lately I’ve really enjoyed the theatrics that they have been performing for us. This week will give the Avengers quite a few chances to bring back some fantastic wins with the ESL December finals on Thursday, Gfinity Friday and of course the Pro League putting them up against Spectral on Sunday. It’s going to be tough, but if SA manages to get away with a title or two under their belt, they have a good chance at sneaking up in the rankings some more. -Dürkened


#5 myXMG: al0t / Sniperkid138 / Turbopolsa | Down 2

After several weeks of steadily climbing the Power Rankings and notching big win after big win, myXMG came tumbling back down to Earth a bit as they land at the #5 spot this week. With losses to The 3 Musketeers, Gold Rush, Crown & Jewels, & SK Gaming compared to wins over Galactic Lions, Lose Much Rating, and Firewall, they just didn’t quite do enough to keep their #3 spot from last week. There’s no question, though, that they have a very talented team and are certainly a dark horse to not only make it into the RLC Pro League Playoffs, but they could very well challenge for the title. -CloudFuel


#6 The 3 Musketeers: ViolentPanda / Ryuk / RingTelefonRing | New

Like an absolute bolt of lightning, The 3 Musketeers spent the last several weeks tearing through the EU rankings, earning huge wins over teams like myXMG, Spectral, and Galactic Lions. Despite a brief breakup scare where RINGTELEFONRING would briefly join with Crown & Jewels, T3M would reunite and now stands to pose a serious threat to the rest of the EU scene from outside of the RLC Pro League. -Shalthis


#7 Spectral: TJShorty / remkoe / Miztik | Down 1

Not a team to be taken lightly, Spectral has undergone a small roster change but has proven they can hang against some of the best teams in the world. Just this past Sunday, Spectral claimed two games of a 5 game set against FlipSid3 Tactics and sits in 5th place of the RPL EU Region at the moment. Picking up other wins against SarpbcRemasterPl0x and Comrade Gaming put them in a strong place amongst other EU greats. -Shalthis


#8 Gold Rush: Desgadelhado / Scrub Killa / Lunation |

Not to be alone amongst the other EU teams that have had some interesting roster changes, it seems that Gold Rush is on a divergent path themselves. I can only comment on what I’ve been told, but it seems that Scrub Killa and Lunation are to leave, which puts Des in a rough position and some tough losses like in ESL #24. Looking past the changes and that loss against AneVia, GR put together an impressive 4-1 win on myXMG and a 3-2 triumph against Manteca_FC. So it’s not necessarily that January hasn’t been a good month for GR, it’s just that well, their future is currently uncertain. -Dïrkened


#9 Noble eSports: Skyline / Vogan / Stocki1997 / Oneill_Clan / Meeps | Down 2

It’s been a quiet break for Noble eSports, at least on the pitch, but it has been quite the series of events for the team off the pitch. After a roster change nearly caused a complete collapse of Noble, Oneill would depart from the team and ultimately join Team Rocket, leaving Noble with their standard front 3 of Vogan, Skyline, and Stocki with meepS in the sub role. Noble had the first week of the RPL off, but should finally return to the pitch for Week 2 in their matchup with myXMG. -Shalthis


#10 Galactic Lions: D3tin / Flarke / zoomytail | New

Over the past few weeks, Galactic Lions have been quietly sneaking up the rankings with quality wins against Team Rocket and Team Solid. Unfortunately for them, they’ve faced The 3 Musketeers in 3 consecutive ESLs and lost all 3 teams, but considering that T3M is currently ranked 6th that’s not really too much of a negative. The members of Galactic Lions are previous members of YouMyZero, GalaxyGaming, and Generation of Billys, so they are no strangers to playing at a fairly high level and it appears that they are starting to mesh together very well. Though they just made their debut in the Top 10, they are going to have a tough time staying in due to the vast amount of competition bubbling just below in the 11-20 ranks. They’ll have to keep putting together solid wins and limit the questionable losses to stay ahead of the rising tide of teams below them. -CloudFuel



Teams To Watch

  • CloudFuel: AneVia RL
  • Dirkened: Stoic
  • Shalthis: Torched



On the Bubble Teams

  • 11 – Comrade Gaming
  • 12 – Stoic
  • 13 – Firewall
  • 14 – Team Rocket
  • 14 – Manteca_FC



Here is how the members of the committee came to this top 10!


Team Shalthis Dirkened CloudFuel Average
FlipSid3 Tactics 1 1 1 1.00
SK Gaming 2 4 2 2.67
Crown & Jewels 3 2 3 2.67
Supersonic Avengers 4 3 4 3.67
myXMG 5 5 5 5.00
The 3 Musketeers 7 6 6 6.33
Spectral 6 7 7 6.67
Gold Rush 8 8 8 8.00
Noble eSports 9 9 9 9.00
Galactic Lions 13 11 10 11.33

by Gibbs, on January 13, 2016

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