Rocket League EU Power Rankings 12/2/15


I hope all my U.S. folk had a great Thanksgiving! Onto the Rankings!

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These rankings are done by a committee of 3 people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community.

CloudFuel (/u/CloudFuel)

Doomsee (/u/Ryan094)

  • Veteran player for Team Rocket

Shalthis (/u/Shalthis)

  • Shoutcaster extraordinaire for EU ESL and various community events




Over the past week, we’ve seen teams battle in the following major events (GFinity, ESL, & IRCL). SK Gaming won GFinity again with another dominating 4-0, but this time over Smokin Rockets in the Finals. Over in ESL, PeaceHater took home top honors with a narrow 4-3 win over Ka-Pow.



  • The IRCL has announced that they will be having a 2nd season and will be expanding their league!
  • Team Rocket has parted ways with all but the original line-up of Cole, Doomsee, and Fyshokid (rumored). They will still be competing, but likely in a more entertainment/fun role and less of a competitive role.
  • KaPow has been sponsored by myXMG.



#1 FlipSid3 Tactics: Markydooda / Kuxir97 / M1k3rules |

This week two thirds of FlipSid3 entered GFinity, with Alieuz subbing for Kuxir. They made their way to Round 3 where they were beaten by Smokin’ Rockets. They were using a sub and were probably smashed off their faces, so we won’t take the loss too harshly. A similar story evolved vs. Dot Dot Dot in the IRCL match this week, where they they lost 3-0 again. Only this time, M1k3 was the one who wasn’t playing. Let’s just hope that Flipsid3 actually start winning again next week, or not, depending on who you support. Come on you blues! -Doomsee


#2 SK Gaming: X3MW / Dadooh / JHZER / Yemen |

Without RocketRoyale on the agenda to truly put them to the test, SK Gaming had a pretty productive week. With a second straight 4-0 Grand Finals win in Gfinity this past Friday as well as a 3-2 win over YouMyZero, SK maintained their #2 spot, also claiming wins over Noble eSports and Dot Dot Dot. Despite little out of Flipsid3 this week, it’ll take more than a week off for SK to upset the reigning kings of Europe. However, when they clash again, it could be a great opportunity for SK to prove their worth on the big stage, and the top of the heap isn’t so far away as it may seem. -Shalthis


#3 Noble eSports: Skyline / Vogan / Stocki1997 / Oneill_Clan / Meeps |

Noble’s only tournament was GFinity this week, where they reached the semi-finals after beating realtively unknown teams. SK beat them 3-0 in the semi-finals. However they also played GalaxyGaming Totality during this week’s IRCL match, where they swiftly won 3-0. That’s pretty much it. So, how was your day today? -Doomsee


#4 PeaceHater: Paschy90 / xGodLiightx / Killerno7 / Sikiicem | Up 3

It took PeaceHater a few weeks of spiraling downward to finally start showing some life, but they seem to have resurrected themselves at the right time as they jump up 3 spots in this week’s Power Rankings. With a narrow 4-3 win over the recently surging squad Ka-Pow and a solid 3-1 win over YouMyZero, PeaceHater began to start looking like their formerly dominant selves, They’re still a ways off of the current trio of titans locking down the Top 3 spots, but this could be the start of something promising for this squad. -CloudFuel


#5 Ka-Pow: al0t / Sniperkid138 / Turbopolsa |

With a recent pickup by myXMG, Ka-Pow finished off a great week with a 2nd place finish in ESL, picking up wins over Spectral and Torched, which was enough to edge ahead of the former in the rankings. With what is hopefully a solidified roster, Ka-Pow is facing what has become a revitalized PeaceHater team. With a bit more time under their belt, the new myXMG squad should be able to challenge PeaceHater and push into the Top 4 within the next few weeks. With the new RocketRoyale on the horizon, more opportunities are to come for Ka-Pow to show off what they’ve got. -Shalthis


#6 Spectral: TJShorty / RedneckagentP / remkoe | Down 2

After a couple weeks of trending upwards, Spectral dipped slightly back downwards this week with losses to Dot Dot Dot and KaPow. They also beat Dot Dot Dot later in the week, but Dot3 had a sub so that’s not quite as impressive. They also had a solid win over inXtremisRL, but didn’t really have much else in the way of significant matches this week. They’re definitely still a squad to contend with, though, and just need to ensure that they keep giving themselves opportunities to prove that. -CloudFuel


#7 Dot Dot Dot: Ash / Maestro / BicycleThief | Up 1

Dot Dot Dot has been in a bit of flux over the last few weeks with trying out different subs during their matches and achieving a mixed collection of quality wins and questionable losses. This week, though, they seemed to be back on the upswing a bit as they managed to take out FlipSid3 Tactics (though they were sporting a sub) and also took SK Gaming to 5 games. They split with Spectral (an early win and later a loss), but had a sub for the loss so that’s not looked upon as negatively as if it had been their full squad. Hopefully they get their line-up sorted out sooner rather than later so that we can see this squad playing up to their potential again. -CloudFuel


#8 YouMyZero : Linkuru / Anduru / Pwndx10 | Up 1

YouMyZero took 3rd place during this week’s ESL, which is good going! That’s it. My word, what a quiet week. -Doomsee


#9 Team Rocket: Doomsee / I Am A Tree / Noir1992 / Cole | Down 3

As many of you know, Team Rocket has announced that their team is disbanding “as we know it”, meaning that Doomsee and Cole will remain the faces of the team and that the team itself will exist going forward. It seems that the top-level competitive side may be gone – or at least on hold – for now, while Cole and Doomsee focus on the TRRL streaming side and just entertainment. As someone who personally owes a great deal to Team Rocket, this news was sad to read. If not for Team Rocket allowing me the opportunity to shoutcast their games, I may have never had the chance to show what I could do to the likes of ESL and become the shoutcaster I am today. While I’m sure the future will be bright, if the likes of I Am A Tree and Noir1992 are now free agents, then teams better offer up their casting couches for a pair of dynamite players. Either way, I don’t know exactly what this means for Team Rocket, but I’ll always be friends with them and wish them all the best. -Shalthis


#10 Smokin Rockets: Desgadelhado / Fredd97 / Techtox / Scrub Killa |

The Smokin Rockets are hanging on to a place in the Power Rankings for dear life. They’re perilously close to falling out and were actually ranked outside of my Top 10 this week. There’s not question that they’re capable of beating the teams around them (both ranked above and below), but to be fair and as impartial as possible… we have to look at the evidence we’re presented with. This week they beat Perpetual Blackout (a team consisting of some members of FlipSid3 Tactics), Torched, and Teamus Weamus, but then lost to SK Gaming (0-4) and The 3 Musketeers (0-3). When compared to the teams around them and when considering how the teams they beat and lost to fared, it just wasn’t enough to warrant a Top 10 placement, however, they have managed to sneak in by the smallest of slivers. This is the time for them to go all out, throw caution to the wind, and take the competition by storm. I know this squad to be capable of contending even with the squads in the upper half of the Power Rankings, but they’ll need to prove it in order for me to justify ranking them there. -CloudFuel



Teams To Watch

  • CloudFuel: The 3 Musketeers
  • Doomsee: SarpbcRemasterpl0x
  • Shalthis: The 3 Musketeers



On the Bubble Teams

  • 11 – GalaxyGaming Immortals
  • 12 – Teamus Weamus
  • 13 – The 3 Musketeers
  • 14 – Torched
  • 15 – Bag O Miracles
  • 15 – GalaxyGaming Totality



Here is how the 3 members of the committee came to this top 10!


Team Shalthis Doomsee CloudFuel Average
FlipSid3 Tactics 1 1 1 1.00
SK Gaming 2 2 2 2.00
Noble eSports 3 3 3 3.00
PeaceHater 4 4 4 4.00
Ka-Pow 5 5 5 5.00
Spectral 7 6 6 6.33
Dot Dot Dot 6 7 7 6.67
YouMyZero 8 8 10 8.67
Team Rocket 9 9 9 9.00
Smokin Rockets 10 10 12 10.67


by Gibbs, on December 2, 2015

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