Rocket League NA Power Rankings 11/18/15



This week we tried something new. Dirkened, the fan ambassador for Rocket League, and I decided to do a Power Rankings in the form of a podcast.

As always here is the text form as well!


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These rankings are done by a committee of 3 people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community.



  • Fan Ambassador (Psyonix) for the Rocket League community






Over the past week, we’ve seen teams battle in 3 major tournaments (ESL, MLG GameBattles, & Rocket Royale) as well as a new league (IRCL). In Rocket Royale, with iBP Cosmic unable to attend, Kings of Urban dominated the NA side of the table and guaranteed themselves a spot in this weekend’s upcoming Rocket Royale. Team NOT formed and proceeded to put together a phenomenal debut with big wins over several Top 10 teams. Jorellis Goodies continued their impressive streak since last week’s debut as they pulled out a solid win in the most recent ESL Cup.




  • Unfortunately, the team Double Tap has disbanded.
  • NOT is formed by Klassux & Low5ive with KyleMasc currently subbing in as their 3rd.
  • GalaxyGaming has picked up both teams Hello? and Cancer.
  • zOctanez has resurrected Mad Magic in the form of Mad Magic 2.0 with new teammates SoonTM & SteveGatesRL
  • Both fl0w and Gambit are currently both highly coveted free agents as multiple teams have been interested in trying them out.



#1 iBUYPOWER Cosmic: Kronovi / Sadjunior / Gibbs / KyleMasc |

Coming back from the Nevada desert is no easy task. I remember seeing the town with the horse meat on our backs. Thank you Mr. Ed for nurishing us. iBP Cosmic comes back this week having to requalify for Rocket Royale after taking a week off getting lost in the desert. With their track record they should make it through the qualifiers and onto the main event but maybe dehydration has hit them poorly. We will find out this upcoming weekend! -Gibbs


#2 Kings of Urban: Fireburner / Jacob / Moses | Up 2

It only took about 2 weeks for the latest KoU line-up to finally start firing on all cylinders, but now that they are, they’re looking pretty unstoppable, at least in the NA scene. In fact, the ONLY losses there were handed this past week came from the likes of EU’s Noble eSports and SK Gaming. Noble is currently ranked #3 in EU (KoU lost 1-3) and SK is currently ranked #2 in EU (KoU beat them 3-2 and then lost 2-3 later on in Rocket Royale), so that’s not a bad showing for KoU by any means. When you factor in the NA wins they had vs Double Tap, nXs Untethered, Jorellis Goodies, SnK eSports, N.O.T., & Mob Royalty, they clearly demonstrated that they were ready to take over the #2 spot for the first time. Now that they’ve unseated nXs from their usual #2 perch, it’s only a matter of time before they start pushing towards iBP Cosmic and that #1 spot. -CloudFuel


#3 NOT: Klassux / Low5ive / ? | New

After Titanium Ricochet decided to parts ways with WaZe heading off to sub for Fusion Corps and Moses taking up residency with Kings of Urban, Klassux opted to start his own team. NOT! No… really… that’s the team name – NOT. What does that stand for, you ask? No one knows for sure… but popular rumors are Never On Target, No Offense Taken, Normally On Tilt, Non-Operational Team, Notice of Termination, and Nachos Or Tacos. Call them what you like, because if this past week is any indication, we’ll be seeing quite a bit more from this group. The combination of Klassux & Low5ive is a solid one to begin with, but with KyleMasc playing a sub for the time being, they were on a pretty steady winning pace this past week as they took out teams like Orange Creamsicle, SnK, & the BK Randys. However, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies as they fell to KoU in scrims (not counted for Power Ranking) and then fell twice to them in tournaments, so they’ll need to come up with a new gameplan if they intend on pushing up any higher than 3rd. For now, though, NOT debuted solidly in their first week and are in a good position to continue that trend. -CloudFuel


#4 Nexus: Lachinio / Vafele / Pluto | Down 2

Nexus are here, or are they? Anyone seen their full team in like a month? They lost to Kings of Urban in a Gamebattles tournament with Gambit subbing in. They did 3-0 Team Rocket US in the IRLC but that doesn’t hold much weight. Maybe one day we will see their full team again. The name is a bit ironic since they used to be “untethered” and they seem to never play together but maybe the name change will bring them together over the holidays. I hope we see them soon sharing a snuggie and sipping on some hot cocoa. -Gibbs


#5 Orange Creamsicle: Edwind / Quinn Lobdell / Rizzo | Up 1

OC finally shows up with their new full roster and it nearly lead them to knocking FlipSid3 into the lower brackets of RocketRoyale, which is insane. While it may have been more F3 than OC in that series, OC still did take games against NOT, 3-0’d Flash Flood and took out SnK to get into RocketRoyale. Their performance in ESL wasn’t quite as stellar, but we can’t drop what they did this week just because of that. -Dirkened


#6 Jorellis Goodies: Corelli22 / jodari / magicgoodies | Up 3

Back to back impressive performances by…whatever their team name is. They didn’t fair too well in the Rocket Royale Qualifiers but they won ESL which is huge! I love seeing new teams show up and these guys have shown up big. If they keep up their hot streak they will most likely have to play iBP Cosmic this week in the qualifiers. It will be a good test to see how they stack up to the top teams in NA. -Gibbs


#7 SnK Apollo: Huskih / Azi / PrimeThunder / Lars | Down 2

After so many weeks close to the top, SnK Apollo has unfortunately fallen down to the lower half of the Top 10. They’re not really getting beaten often, but when they do lose it tends to be to teams in the 1-6 range of the NA Power Rankings. Rotating between their 4 main roster players doesn’t seem to be helping them gel and build back up their camaraderie either, as Azi appears to be the only constant as of late. Huskih’s internet trouble have been plaguing him for quite some time, but it sounds like that’s all back in order now, so we might see the re-emergence of this squad as a Top 5 threat if they can just get on the same page and get back to the consistent ways they’re used to. -CloudFuel


#8 Mad Magic 2.0: SoonTM / SteveGatesRL / zOctanEz | New

Mad Magic 2.0 consists of one of the original MM players, zOctanEz, who is working towards reviving the magic behind their previous madness. He along with SoonTM and SteveGates are a newly banded together squad with a dream of becoming the best RL team. I have to say that after their ESL performance against GG Hello?, FCB, Jorellis Goodies, Voltage and Electric Zero, I couldn’t possibly withhold them from the top 10 list. MM2 are hungry for scrims and ready to play against the best so that they can come into this week hitting hard. -Dirkened


#9 GalaxyGaming Hello?: Espeon / Digital / SynGG | New

Galaxy Gaming Hello? is on the rise with continually increasing performances in the last few weeks. While we have been watching Hello? closely it is still surprising to see how well they’ve adapted against the teams like Orange Creamsicle. However, despite the fact that they are taking down those higher ranked, Hello? have a lot of work ahead of them as the new teams above them are making staying in the top 10 even more difficult. -Dirkened


#10 Fusion Corps Blue: BigFunny / DistinctIsMe / Hi Im Kirito | New

If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again. This old proverb could pretty much be applied to any team in any game, but I think it especially resonates with the players of Fusion Corps Blue. This is a squad that I’ve personally been watching and rooting on for quite some time (even since back in the first several weeks of Rocket League when they were a part of some of the Good Fellas squads), so it’s nice to say that they’ve finally made it to the big time. However, it must also be noted that they just barely squeaked in by the smallest of margins. So they’ll need to do an even better job this next week to prove that they really do belong in the Top 10 and ensure that this isn’t just a one week deal. This squad has quite a mixed bag for their history with big wins against top caliber teams, but then also questionable losses to teams that seemingly should’ve been easy to beat. As much as I’d like to see them stay on as a contender, they’re going to have really prove that they belong especially now that they have the eyes of the world on them. We’ll just have to wait and see if they rise to challenge or falter under the spotlight. -CloudFuel



Teams To Watch

  • Dirkened – GalaxyGaming
  • Gibbs – Fusion Corps Orange
  • CloudFuel – Moon Men



On the Bubble Teams

  • 11 – Voltage
  • 12 – Flash Flood
  • 13 – Electric Zero
  • 14 – BK Randys
  • 15 – Moon Men
  • 15 – GalaxyGaming



Here is how the 3 members of the committee came to this top 10!


Team Dirkened Gibbs CloudFuel Average
iBUYPOWER Cosmic 1 1 1 1.00
Kings of Urban 2 2 2 2.00
NOT 3 4 3 3.33
Nexus 4 3 4 3.67
Orange Creamsicle 6 5 5 5.33
Jorellis Goodies 5 6 7 6.00
SnK Apollo 7 7 6 6.67
Mad Magic 2.0 8 8 8 8.00
GalaxyGaming Hello? 9 9 9 9.00
Fusion Corps Blue 11 12 10 11.00


by Gibbs, on November 19, 2015

Professional Player for iBP Cosmic. I mostly play a defensive role on the team. I also post Power Rankings and other Rocket League related material!