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Hey guys, Gibbs here. I’m back with more rankings. This time it is on the NA side. These will be weekly blogs so you can follow the top teams more closely.

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These rankings are done by a committee of 3 people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community.



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Over the past week, we’ve seen teams battle in 3 major tournaments (RGN, ESL, & Rocket Royale). For the first team since the inception of Rocket Royale, no NA teams finished in the Top 4 and thus no NA teams will auto-qualify for this Sunday’s event. The EU dominance continues to grow partially due to the amount of top teams in that region, but also due to the fact that the best of the NA haven’t been able to compete with their starting line-ups nearly as often as normal. Kings of Urban & Orange Creamsicle have both been searching for a 3rd member to finalize their rosters, but the lack of competition and uncertainty regarding how their teams will now fare has caused both to drop drastically in this week’s Power Rankings. If the NA teams want to see the EU power shift re-balanced to include NA in the equation, they’re going to need to be at the top of their game.



  • Kings of Urban have picked up Cazaz911/Moses (previously of Titanium Ricochet).
  • DeVoid Gaming has disbanded.
  • iBuyPower announced their sponsorship of iBP Cosmic (previously Cosmic Aftershock
  • Stratos picked up 2 squads Stratos Red (previously MLG) & Stratos Black (previously Caramel Macchiato
  • vVv Gaming have introduced a new series of competitions – Supersonic Series



#1 iBUYPOWER Cosmic: Kronovi / Sadjunior / Gibbs / KyleMasc |

iBP Cosmic continues to stay on top of the NA scene even with subs hopping in for their carry Kronovi, however they did just sneak by TiRi to continue their run in RocketRoyale. I really want to see the full team play again this weekend in order for NA to make its way back into the top 1 or 2 in the world. While before we had always seen Cosmic have a confirmed spot in the RR tourney, this week will be their first time having to qualify, therefore we’ll get to see how they face against the growing NA scene. It is fantastic to see Cosmic get picked up by such a big organization like iBP and that also extends to the rest of the scene as I believe we’ll be seeing bigger sponsors sooner; so congratulations! -Dirkened


#2 vQ Untethered: Lachinio / Vafele / Pluto |

Untethered is still sitting quite securely in the #2 spot in NA and that is even with subs playing during ESL. It is safe to say that the top veterans still have more highly refined abilities, but the scene is slowly creeping up and will eventually make it difficult to find out who is a vet and who isn’t. While Untethered wasn’t able to play in RR, they joined the rest in Sunday’s ESL for a run of what could be considered the breeding grounds for NA. Watching them win against the top 10 NA was really great to see though as it gives us a lot of perspective about the scene and where they stand in the rankings. I’ve gotta say though, I am really hoping that we get to see an Untethered vs iBP Cosmic match in the near future because it has been too long since seeing these two rivals clash against each other. -Dirkened


#3 SnK Apollo: Huskih / Azi / PrimeThunder / Lars | Up 1

In their first full week under the new name and org, SnK Apollo did just enough to sneak into 3rd place this week. Their only losses this week came at the hands of Titanium Ricochet (2-3), vQ Untethered (2-4), Complain (0-3), & PeaceHaters (0-3). Aside from the EU defeats, SnK were close in their NA losses and beat a handful of other NA teams (namely Double Tap, Mob Royalty, BK Randys, & Orange Creamsicle). This team is on the precipice right now as they’re still just a step behind the top 2 teams, but also barely a step ahead of the teams pushing up from below. They’re continuously trending in the right direction as they’ve qualified for Rocket Royale 2 weeks in a row, but need to create some seperation if they want to avoid being overtaken any time soon. -CloudFuel


#4 Titanium Ricochet: Klassux / Cazaz911 / WaZe_One87 | Up 1

Titanium had a fantastic week. They started by reverse sweeping SnK in the RGN tournament. They also qualified for Rocket Royale and took (kronovi less) iBP Cosmic to the limit in a thrilling best of 5 set. It looks like a roster shuffle is taking place though with Cazaz leaving for Kings of Urban and the possiblility of Low5ive joining from DeVoid Gaming. Even with the win against SnK I put Titanium behind them simply because SnK has just been more consistent with their finishes. Titanium has their work cut out for them with the roster change. It should be exciting to see how they perform in the upcoming weeks. -Gibbs


#5 Double Tap: Jamesbot / fl0w / Sir PancakeIII | Up 3

The consistency and camaraderie that this team has makes them an easy pick for this week’s Top 5, but they yet again find themselves in the shadow of Titanium Ricochet & SnK Apollo; a place they’re all too familiar with being in. They’ve had some great match-ups over the past few weeks and often get a lead on their opponent, but have had a tendency lately to fall in crucial Game 5s. That’s the sole difference between jumping up a spot or two and staying locked in at their current rank. They’re in the hunt every week, but will need to work on their ability to clutch up in the most pivotal times if they want to ascend into the Top 3. -CloudFuel


#6 Kings of Urban: Fireburner / Jacob / ? | Down 3

Kings of Urban haven’t played much since Gambit left. They have been trying out different players and it looks like they have settled on Cazaz911/Moses from Titanium Riccochet to be their 3rd starter. The only game of note for KOU was a 3-1 loss to Untethered in the RGN tournament while using usedwolf as a replacement. Now that the roster is settled we will see if they can climb back up into the top 3! -Gibbs


#7 BK Randys: Air194 / Evo / Reagan / craid18 / GriffinD_Mighty | New

After a couple weeks of free-falling, the BK Randys came back in a big this week. Along the way they added Reagan to their roster and had a brief stint with the eSports org Team Sustenance, but the more impressive story is how they systematically went through ESL this past Sunday and only dropped a set to this week’s #3 ranked SnK Apollo. With a 3-0 win over Straight Outta Boost and a 3-2 win over Team Fresh, they found themselves in the ESL Semi-Finals before they fell to SnK. They then faced Flash Flood (recent winners of ESL), where they were achieved a 3-1 victory to secure a 3rd place finish in the weekly cup. If they continue performing like this, they’ll likely find themselves near-permanent residents of the Top 10. -CloudFuel


#8/9 Orange Creamsicle: Edwind / Quinn Lobdell / ? | Down 4

Orange Creamsicle dropped this week namely for the fact that they’ve been without a starting line-up over the past several weeks and didn’t compete with anyone from their roster this week. 2 key losses to SnK Apollo & iBP Cosmic in the RGN 3v3 tournament this week didn’t really help or hurt their cause, but it did create the trending nickname “Orange Subsicle” as their team was comprised of entirely subs for the competition. Between Quinn Lobdell & Edwind, they definitely have a strong core but need a solid 3rd to round out their squad and help return OC to their winning ways. Rumor is that they may have found that 3rd, but there’s no definitive word on that just yet. At this point, though, they just need to start competing with whoever they do have to keep from falling all of the way out of the Power Rankings. -CloudFuel


#8/9 Flash Flood: Gimlax / Mister Justice / Turtle | Down 1

Flash Flood has still been very impressive due to their surprising jump onto the top 10 list, however they didn’t quite make a splash this time like last week. Perhaps it was the fact that FF ran into vQU too early in the brackets that lead to their shortcomings, but if series scores are anything to go by we had to rate them a bit differently this week due to other teams playing better against the vQU squad. Despite their slight drop in the rankings, I don’t think this will be a trend for FF, but no one should ever be complacent in their standings because you simply can’t rest when everyone is playing nonstop so they can take down the two titans vQU and iBP Cosmic. -Dirkened


#10 Hello?: SynGG / Digital / Espeon | New

Hello there Hello? Welcome to the top 10! Hello makes the top 10 more due to other teams not showing up but that doesn’t take away from Hello? They lost to Titanium 3-1 in the Rocket Royale Qualifiers and ran through ESL until they played vQ Untethered which they lost 3-0. In order to stay up here they will at least have to make the series closer with the top teams but for now they squeeze into the ranks. -Gibbs



Teams To Watch

  • Dirkened – Fusion Corps Blue
  • Gibbs – Stratos Red
  • CloudFuel – Failure To Launch



On the Bubble Teams

  • 11 – Team Fresh
  • 12 – Fusion Corps Blue
  • 13 – Straight Outta Boost
  • 14 – Stratos Red
  • 15 – Mob Royalty



Here is how the 3 members of the committee came to this top 10!


Team Dirkened Gibbs CloudFuel Average
iBUYPOWER Cosmic 1 1 1 1.00
vQ Untethered 2 2 2 2.00
SnK Apollo 3 3 4 3.33
Titanium Ricochet 4 4 3 3.67
Double Tap 6 5 5 5.33
Kings of Urban 5 6 6 5.67
BK Randys 7 7 8 7.33
Orange Creamsicle 9 9 7 8.33
Flash Flood 8 8 9 8.33
Hello? 10 10 11 10.33


by Gibbs, on November 6, 2015

Professional Player for iBP Cosmic. I mostly play a defensive role on the team. I also post Power Rankings and other Rocket League related material!