Rocket League EU Power Rankings 11/5/15


Hey guys, Gibbs here. I have recently teamed up with iBUYPOWER with my team formerly known as Cosmic Aftershock. We are one of the best teams in the game that has 2 very big regions of play, EU and NA.

Every week a committee of fans/players rank the teams for each region. This gets posted on Reddit and a community site.  These power rankings are used in a few tournaments for seeding as well. I will be posting the EU and NA rankings for you guys to follow the best teams in the game!

Now onto the post:


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These rankings are done by a committee of 3 people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community.


  • Shoutcaster extraordinaire for EU ESL and various community tournaments


  • Player for Team Rocket


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Over the past week, we’ve seen teams battle in 3 major tournaments (Gfinity, ESL, & Rocket Royale). In the third week of Rocket Royale’s standard tournament format, we saw EU continue their reign of dominance as all 4 of the auto-qualification slots were claimed by EU teams. There was more of the typical shuffling between the EU teams this past week with some new faces jumping up due to their high level of play. With Complain’s big win in yesterday’s Rocket Royale, the top 3 appear to be even closer than before with a bit of a drop off to the next grouping of teams. As tough as that competition may be, the slots from about 9-17 are ridiculously close with so many teams flip-flopping each week and sometimes in each competition. The great part about this, though, is that the more these teams compete and challenge each other, the quicker they’ll improve and hopefully start pushing their way towards the top 5.



#1 FlipSid3 Tactics: Markydooda/Kuxir97/M1k3rules? |

The fight between #1 and #2 this week was closer than it has ever been. Despite the triumphant return of M1k3rules, which netted FlipSid3 a victory at Friday’s Gfinity tournament, the great ‘Kings of Clutch’ came into Sunday’s Rocket Royale tournament with the sort of effort that could be outmatched by Queen Elizabeth in the 100 meter dash. Managing to squeeze through the Winner’s Bracket, history would be made as FlipSid3 – operating at full compliment – would lose their first major tournament by giving up not just one but TWO Best-of-5 series back-to-back. Though it’s only one tournament, and only one week, their position atop the leaderboard is precarious and Complain is threatening. -Shalthis


#2 Complain: X3MW/Dadoo/JHZER/Yemen? | Up 1

Putting Complain at #2 was a difficult decision and was made mainly due to consistency. FlipSid3 Tactics, perennially the top team, has shown that they have consistently top-tier performance which failed them this week. However, Complain shone like a beacon in a night by setting the Rocket Royale tournament ablaze with two consecutive Best of 5 series wins against Flipsid3 in order to take the tournament. Their showing on Sunday proved just how potent of a team they are and gave a platform to X3MW who earned Tournament MVP honors with relative ease. One more week of this caliber of performance and FlipSid3’s days as Kings of EU may be coming to an end. -Shalthis


#3 Swarm Gaming: Paschy90/De_boer_bros/Gambit | Down 1

Swarm Gaming is the sort of team that will always be in this conversation, and with the recent addition of Gambit (formerly Kings of Urban), they’ve adjusted their strategy to try and match the three forward striker style of FlipSid3 Tactics while also meeting their own needs as a dominant EU squad. Unfortunately, this week, the obstacles remained the same. Despite making it to the finals of Gfinity, it was FlipSid3 who would set them down by winning 4 straight after losing 2. On Sunday, Swarm would have a difficult time with the new kids on the block, Complain, who would send them to the Loser’s Bracket and then eliminate them from competition all-together in the LB Finals. Perhaps with a little more time with Gambit under their belt, Swarm will sort out their weaknesses and find their winning ways once again. -Shalthis


#4 Dot Dot Dot: Ash/BicycleThief/Maestro | Up 2

Dot Dot Dot lives up to their name as the team who will leave you speechless. Coming practically out of nowhere, Dots began by bursting into the top tier of EU, beating teams that no one expected, and performing consistently better week over week. Qualifying for Rocket Royale with a 3-0 series win over Team Rocket, Dots would move into the tournament Sunday and stir things up early, sending iBP Cosmic into the Loser’s Bracket (before being sent there themselves by FlipSid3 Tactics), only to eliminate PeaceHater in 3 straight games and qualify for the next Rocket Royale by placing in the Top 4. While they still have a little ways to go, any team in the top of EU needs to keep an eye on Dot Dot Dot, because they’ll steal the words right out of your mouth. -Shalthis


#5 Noble eSports: Oneill_Clan/Vogan/Skyline/Meeps/Stocki1997 | Down 1

The former Team Shazoo had a bit of a hot and cold week. Falling to Spectral 2-3 in the Rocket Royale Qualifers, but then beating them 3-0 the next day, Noble would make a push into Sunday’s ESL tournament and make a little bit of history of their own. Competing against a number of other Top 10 teams, Noble would blaze a path through the ESL Europe Cup #14 and become the first team ever to win the ESL tournament without losing a single game. Though there are still things to work on – and finding the right formula of players is one of them – Noble may have cracked the code and could start challenging for that top spot next week. -Shalthis


#6 PeaceHater: xGodLiightx/Killerno7/Sikiicem | Up 2

On the weeks that PeaceHater plays, they’re quite dangerous. Unfortunately, they sometimes neglect actually playing. This week, however, they came into Rocket Royale with a solid showing by taking out Smokin Rockets and Spectral to earn a spot in the tournament itself, managing to eliminate SnK eSports (formerly Apollo 11) in the Loser’s Bracket before Dot Dot Dot sent them home early. The consistency lacks a bit of something, and for PeaceHater to really crack the top tier, they’ll need to start playing more often and perhaps in other tournaments. Sometimes, lack of experience – or even a bit of the ol’ rocket rust – can be your biggest downfall. -Shalthis


#7 Team Rocket: Doomsee/I Am A Tree/Noir1992/Cole | Down 2

Oh, Team Rocket. While I love to say how much I enjoy my buddies in Team Rocket, and how entertaining they are, I would be remiss if I overlooked the steady decline in their performance as of late. This past week, Rocket failed to make it past Dot Dot Dot in the Rocket Royale qualifiers and also fell to FlipSid3 Tactics in the Quaterfinals of Gfinity. While not catastrophic, the bits of Team Rocket that I’m used to seeing – the bits that gave Rocket their first ESL win and a host of top 2 finishes – are getting a bit harder to find. I’m hoping, for the sake of competition and because I like these guys a lot, that next week is a bit friendlier to them and they come out with guns blazing in every tournament. -Shalthis


#8 Smokin Rockets: Desgadelhado/Fredd97/Techtox/Scrub Killa | Down 1

Smokin Rockets came into this week with some solid performances behind them. Despite not qualifying for Rocket Royale, Smokin Rockets did manage to place 3rd in ESL this week as well as the Top 16 for Gfinity. They’ve had a few issues with breaking through the upper half of the top 10, but certainly aren’t the kind of team to be taken lightly. I’m expecting players like DESGADELHADO and Scrub Killa to take some of the 1v1 skills they showed off during Tuesday’s ESL Aerial Cup and apply it to the team game. A little of that will take them to the next level and maybe edge past a few of these other teams. -Shalthis


#9 YouMyZero: Linkuru/Anduru/D3tin | Up 1

YouMyZero keeps fluttering around the lower part of the top 10 week in and week out, and I feel much of it has to do with consistency to performance. They seem to do WELL (placing in the top 4 of Gfinity, for example) but just not consistently well ENOUGH (placing in the top 16 of ESL and losing in the 1st round of the Rocket Royale Qualifiers, for example). While YMZ has the talent, I’m hoping to see them demonstrate regularly better performance going forward, and maybe – just maybe – they’ll grab a higher spot. -Shalthis


#10 Error 404 Name Not Found: BruTzz/Ganoph/antonium/gReazy/Sputosky | New

The former Nice One Team may be unable to find their name, but they have found some quality wins this week, finally breaking through into the Top 10 despite being on the radar of every Power Ranking committee member for some time. Error 404 took a top 16 spot in Gfinity on Friday but followed that up two days later by finishing 2nd in the ESL Europe Cup. As long as Error 404 can keep finding big tournament victories, we can expect them to be a lot higher than 404 on these power rankings every week. -Shalthis



Teams To Watch

  • Shalthis: Cancaro Gaming
  • Doomsee: Crayola RC
  • CloudFuel: GalaxyGaming Immortals



On the Bubble Teams

  • 11 – Spectral
  • 11 – Hard On Colliders
  • 13 – Teamus Weamus
  • 14 – Ka-Pow
  • 15 – GalaxyGaming Immortals



Here is how the 3 members of the committee came to this top 10!


Team Shalthis Doomsee CloudFuel Average
FlipSid3 Tactics 1 1 2 1.33
Complain 2 2 1 1.67
Swarm Gaming 3 3 3 3.00
Dot Dot Dot 4 4 5 4.33
Noble eSports 5 6 4 5.00
PeaceHater 6 5 7 6.00
Team Rocket 7 7 6 6.67
Smokin Rockets 8 8 8 8.00
You My Zero 9 9 9 9.00
Error 404 Name Not Found 11 11 10 10.67


by Gibbs, on November 5, 2015

Professional Player for iBP Cosmic. I mostly play a defensive role on the team. I also post Power Rankings and other Rocket League related material!