Spec Ops Introduces the Optiboost MSI GS30 Gaming Laptop


Goal:  To Introduce, understand,  and test the usage model of the Optiboost MSI GS30 Shadow.

What is SpecOps?

IBP SpecOps is a small team of PC enthusiasts with a variety of expertise. We share a common goal of creating new and innovative PCs and PC components to help give PC gamers something new and exciting. Unlike traditional Skunkworks teams, our work is not done in secret, but with help from our community (that includes you).



Welcome to the second project in the IBP SpecOps Program. This project was inspired by the excitement the Optiboost MSI GS30 Shadow has created.  Here at iBUYPOWER, we had mixed expectations on this new product, some of us were extremely excited, while others were…. well misinformed on the product.  We realized that there was a need for someone to do a thorough investigation of the usage model, performance, and a proper breakdown of your PC alternatives.

We will be seeking a huge amount of feedback from the community for this, so it’s a great chance for us to test the waters.  Tell us what you think, would you rather use something like the GS30, or stick to the tried and true usage models? Let us know!

Click here or on the tile above to see our findings!


by tyronewang, on January 26, 2015