CLG is Dead, Long Live CLG

CLG is dead, and it’s a good thing. We are moving into a new season full of changes to the game, and it’s a great chance to change how the team thinks about both the game and itself. League of Legends is a much different game than it was a few splits ago, not only because of in-game changes, but because of an evolution in strategic thinking and support staff that has made the game much more cerebral.

Even though the game has moved so much in that direction, a lot of the teams haven’t adapted nearly as well as they need to. Last split with Dignitas I had to learn a lot about how concrete some outdated concepts are to players. When you’ve come up through solo queue and prospered in a competitive league comprised of others players who came up from the same, it can be really easy to grow content with that frame of reference, but it’s incredibly limiting strategically.

The experience with Dignitas will prove invaluable moving into this new season with CLG. It’s time for the team to move on from preconceived notions of what defines the team and the game and move into a more thought out, justified, flexible approach that will bring the team where they belong in the new generation of top level League of Legends teams.

As a team we are really fortunate to be moving forward with such an incredible coaching staff. I have been happy to see Scarra really grow into his role as a coach. He has gone from someone with a lot of the pieces needed to succeed in a coaching role, to someone who has the experience and insight needed to actually impact things quickly and efficiently. Zikz brings previous experience with the team and is great at building communication between the players and the coaching staff, and has been not only bringing great insight into the game, but also organizing things into very usable formats. While not part of the coaching staff directly, MaTTcom has made interfacing between the team and the organization about as painless as it can be, allowing the team and the coaching staff to focus on the game itself, something that is both hugely important and refreshing.

Coming into this new season, we have a lot of new components and a completely new mindset, but there is still an intangible sense of dynasty attached to the team. This is very much CLG, despite losing a lot of the strategic baggage that defined it as a team for too long.

Long live CLG.


by comely, on November 28, 2014