CS:GO Roster Changes in Preparation for Dreamhack Winter

With a major tournament just weeks away, iBUYPOWER has sought the help of Derek “desi” Branchen, a member of Team eLevate. Desi will serve as a stand-in for iBUYPOWER at the Dreamhack Winter $250,000 championship. The team’s fifth for Dreamhack will be announced in the coming days.

Desi shared his excitement with iBUYPOWER when he received the call:

“After receiving the message from Braxton “swag” Pierce that the team would be needing a stand-in for DreamHack Winter, and that, the potential stand-in could be me, I was extremely excited. I’ve been hoping to play against the top European talent for quite some time now, and I couldnt be more excited than to be doing it with such talented players in AZK,Skadoodle,swag. This will be my first time venturing out of the of the country, and to be given this opportunity through CS:GO is very rewarding.”

Beyond Dreamhack, iBUYPOWER is currently trying out players to finish out the year with the team which will include ESEA LAN and MLG X-Game Qualifiers. More news to come.

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by Derrick Truong, on November 5, 2014