Following much anticipation, this weekend is finally ESEA LAN – the international event with a $80,000 pool being held in Texas. Competition of this level is rarely held in the States, so this is a tremendous opportunity for Team iBUYPOWER to not only have a chance for some big prize money, but to test their skill against European competition – namely Ninjas in Pajamas, aka the current best CS:GO team in the world.

OpenEqualFree, Na’Vi, Open Gaming, Netcode, VirtusPro, compLexity, Ninjas in Pajamas, and iBUYPOWER will all be trying to take home the first place prize. If you’ve heard Josh “Steel” Nissan or pretty much anyone in the CS community talk about this event, it would be pretty clear how important this tournament is for the players and how much it would mean to them to defeat the best teams from both NA and EU.

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Derrick “impulsivE” Truong, team manager for iBUYPOWER, had this to say about what we can look forward to this weekend:

I am really excited about ESEA LAN. It’ll be our first test with our new lineup against international teams. The team has been practicing hard but there have been a limited amount of teams to practice against; a problem that has always plagued us American teams.  I feel very confident about this team and felt like we made the necessary changes to fix problems we’ve had in the past. As far as predicting where we place it is every hard to say because I have always been a believer that CS is a any given Sunday type of game. I do feel like this tournament will be a good opportunity to see how we measure up against the Europeans and really test us as a team.”


The first game to start off this tournament weekend will be a special NA vs EU All Star game. The community was able to vote who they wanted representing their region, and the first person voted in was none other than iBUYPOWER’s Braxton “Swag” Pierce where he was later joined by members of coL, Netcode, and OEF. They’ll be up against the top names of teams from VP, Na’Vi, NiP, and OverGaming.

While there is of course regional pride on the line, the importance of starting off the tournament with this All Star event is the fact that the winning region will have earned higher seeding in the main tournament bracket.


Team iBUYPOWER’s first match on Friday is against OverGaming at 2:30pm CST/4:30pm PST. If you came here looking for skin betting intel, you should know that iBUYPOWER is considered the strongest team from NA while OverGaming is anticipated to be the weakest team from EU. Since iBUYPOWER doesn’t want an upset loss within the first round of the tournament, you can rest assured that the team has taken all steps and preparations to guarantee the favorited win.


by andre butler, on June 27, 2014