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You’ve played in the najin organization so you know how it is. Compared to your shield teammates, how different are the CLG members in terms of mentality?

i think it’s all same everyone desire to win

 Is doublelift as good as korean adcs? (Imp and such)

i think he play well but i don’t know exactly cause my bot lane skill is bad so i cannot judgement well

How do you see Nid as her new rework, what would you build now? and what lane would you think she would be great in?

~5lv buff 16lv~ nerf my build is sorcerer’s boots Iceborn gauntlet Botrk / warmorg thorn mail/ Voidstaff or Banshee or G.A she has a more high risk high return play now because Pounce CD is too long and passive M.S is not good to escape

Seraph. You have been out spoken about how you do not like this meta that we are in right now. If you could, how would you change it?

i think 4.10 patch is really good to top lane because randuin is nerf , increase dragon gold and Nerf TP so 2v1 lane always has risk and much AP champion can use in top lane

Did you have any other plans for League if you didn’t join CLG or would you give up on being a pro player?

actually i didn’t want to be a pro player but in the old time i joined amateur team my team midlaner was be a proplayer so that’s a motivation if not I don’t play League I did study

Why the name “Seraph”?

2 years ago my League friend recommended to me

who is the the toughest NA top laner you’ve had to go against? Any details for why would also be appreciated : )

Zionspartan actually every toplaners are feel hard against Zion style cause he play well 1v1 and crumbz sit top much

your favorite experience so far in north america?

First met hotshot cause i am hotshot’s fan

How would you compare NA top laners to Korean top laners? What’s different about the two?

KR toplaners are play more aggresive and they do snowballing more exquisitely

Lustboy said in his AMA that NA will stand a chance against Korea in a year. What do you think about that?

I agree it because almost teams have coach and analyst now so they can fix the problem more fast

what top laners do you think are underplayed?

i think top lane is important because early~middle game toplane judgement dragon timming and ealry game toplaner can snowballing but it’s only 1v1 game

What team is the biggest threat to CLG at the moment? What top laners do you respect the most?

TSM and EG cause both teams have adviser now i think both team can go Semi Final, and my idol is Save i think he is perfect toplaner in the world now

What are some aspects of living in America that are different in Korea? What are some aspects of living with CLG that took some getting used to?

in America if not have a car never go wherever

Who do you think is the strongest late-game top lane, who isn’t Jax?

in solo Q i think Trynda and Khazix is best Jax is still good but i don’t understand why ban jax in solo Q i never think jax is really bad in solo Q

Seraph! What is your favorite thing about the USA?

Delicious food and nice fans

Hey, Seraph! What was the biggest culture shock for when you moved to America?

in game 70~110 ping is normal i cannot believe it ever cause in KR ping is 5~9 and use individual room

what are the strongest champs right now top in 4.10?

in solo Q rumble trynd shyv

What was your favorite champion when you first started the game?

Ashe and Nidalee

If you could play another role, which would you pick and why?

play support actually before the play League i always played like healer or support hero

What is your favorite memory you have had with the team so far?

duo Q with aphroo when I came here first

How much say do you have in champion select? does the team decide beforehand what you will play or can you change it during pick/ban?

Me and link talk about it both and then we choose

Any cities outside California that you want to visit?

i want to visit NewYork

What do you think of the CLG members?

everyone are kind and care about me

Who did you mesh with the best on the team?


by Shin "Seraph" Wooyeong, on June 24, 2014