Polt Season 2 Ladder Map Analysis – Part 2


Since the new maps were released, gamers are adjusting to these maps more and more. However, everyone knows it takes a lot of time to completely understand new maps, even for professional players. I will be glad if this blog can help you understand new maps. We are going to go over the remaining two maps – Waystation and Overgrowth.


Waystation is a four player map, yet you can know where your opponent base is because your enemy will always spawn diagonally from your starting location. If two players spawn top left and bottom right hand corners, the game will probably be a long macro game. The distance between two starting locations is very far, so it is relatively easy to secure third and fourth bases. Also, since Waystation is a four player map, there are plenty of mineral fields and vespene geysers. Moreover, the existence of two islands can help draw the game out longer.

The reverse happens when two players spawn top right and bottom left hand sides. Naturals are closer than any other maps, and third base is open. Therefore, players prefer to play heavily aggressively on Waystation’s close position. On the other hand, if either player wants to play a macro game, it can be possible because of the islands. Since islands are as close as naturals from main bases, players can choose strategies such as harassing with drop plays and securing island expansion at the same time.


Overgrowth is a typical two player map. There are two Xel’naga towers, far enough starting locations, and a third base that’s easy to defend. However, this map also has its uniqueness. Overgrowth is made to play defensively. It is never easy to attack enemy’s third base and even fourth base because either of them is not open. Besides, locations of third and fourth bases are quite far when they are compared to other maps. Thus, an attacker has to march through narrow long paths if he is not doing drop plays. The debris in front of naturals and gold bases decrease the trait of this map. It is possible to do multi pronged attacks after demolishing the debris and gaining the gold base can make your enemy play aggressively.

Most of the ladder season 2 maps, including three maps from the last season, are made to play long macro games in terms of distance between starting locations. However, since most of third and fourth bases are open, it has got more difficult to secure third and fourth bases. Also, it has become easier to defend the main base against one or two bases all-in rushes.

To sum up, the ladder season 2 maps are good for players who play greedily but do some harass at the same time.

by Choi Seong Hun, on May 22, 2014