Welcome Josh “steel” Nissan to Team iBUYPOWER


Hello CS community,

Today, we would like to welcome Josh “steel” Nissan to team iBUYPOWER! Josh has recently been living in the UK competing on teams such as Dignitas and Reason Gaming but is moving back to Canada within the next couple of weeks. He has been playing competitively since 2008 first in CS:S then moving on to CS:GO. During this time he has won ESEA championships in Source and competed in numerous international lans in both Source and Global Offensive.

Sam “DaZeD” Marine had this to say:

“It’s with great pleasure that we are going to pick up a long time teammate of mine. For what we need as a team, steel covers all the checklists. Our roster is full of talent and we just need to figure out a way to put it all together. I’m really excited to start playing with our new lineup”

Josh had this to say about joining:

I’m really excited to be competing in CS:GO again after a few unfortunate turn of events. EMS One really re-sparked my love for the game, and I am happy to be able to team up with a couple of my old teammates.

DaZeD and I had issues in the past, but it was undisputable how good we worked together. We were able to put these issues aside about a year ago and I am happy to be on a team with him again.

I had a short, but successful stint on Team Dynamic with AZK where we had the only fully undefeated season and LAN in the history of ESEA. We also competed internationally at DSRack where we placed 2nd, just behind VeryGames.

Although I haven’t personally played with swag or Skadoodle, I have seen and heard great things about them as players, and I am eager to see what we can teach each other.

I hope that this is the change that the team needs to push iBUYPOWER into the spotlight once more. Thanks for the management for having faith in myself and the team and I will try my absolute best to help in every way I can.

by Derrick Truong, on March 27, 2014