iBUYPOWER Welcomes Braxton “Swag” Pierce to their CS:GO Team


Hello CS community,

As many of you may have heard, Eric “Adren” Hoag recently stepped down from our team due to conflicts with his new job. We were in need of a fifth and were concerned with timing due to all the league matches that needed to be played for CEVO and ESEA. You may also have noticed that we had to resort to using our manager for two matches while we were looking. It was during this time that we learned about Braxton “Swag” Pierce not wanting to play for Complexity anymore. We contacted Complexity’s management to talk about our options and came to the agreement to transfer the rights of Swag’s contract to us. We would like to thank Jason Lake and Jason Bass of Complexity for their handling of this situation and wish them the best.

Complexity also informed us that their team was interested in Todd “Anger” Williams. After meeting with the team’s leader Skadoodle and in-game leader Dazed, we felt that a change was needed to the roster beyond just acquiring Swag. With that being said we would like to announce that as of today we are releasing Anger of his contract. We would like to thank Todd for his hard work and dedication to the team and wish him the best on his new team.

Today, we would like to welcome Swag to the iBUYPOWER team. Below is a statement from Swag:

“In regards to my departure from Complexity, I would like to give Jason Lake special thanks for the opportunity I received to represent such a big name in esports. I also would like to thank my former teammates who contributed to the experience and skills I gained during this time and wish them the very best of luck.

After careful consideration I have decided to join iBUYPOWER. I believe this is the right opportunity for me and I look forward to playing with these guys as I see great potential in this lineup. Thanks for all the support!”

A statement from our Manager Derrick “impulsive” Truong:

“I’ve watched Swag for quite some time now and even played against him during my 1.6 career. He is the kind of player that a lot of people would want on their team due to his ability to change the outcome of a match at any given moment. He has a lot of talent for a kid his age and I am excited for what the future brings and look forward to watching him compete under the iBUYPOWER name.”

As far as our fifth member we are still considering a few options but as of right now we will be using Cody “ezpk-g” Shirley as our stand-in until we decide on our final member.

by Derrick Truong, on March 25, 2014