LMQ vs YSO – NA Challenger Semifinal Match


This Sunday following the conclusion of the week 2 NA LCS games, LMQ iBUYPOWER faces off against y so E-Sports in Riot Games’ NA Coke Zero Challenger League top-8 match. Last week, LMQ convincingly defeated vVv Red in order to qualify for the quarterfinals. Now, it’s time to see if the hype that LMQ brought with them from China will be enough to overcome the pressure during their next few crucial games.

The hype so far has been more than justified and will be a huge intimidation factor for YSO. Despite these quarterfinal matches being a best of 3 (as opposed to the single game we saw last week), an amateur team taking on a top one can’t be easy for the nerves. This may be especially true for the case of YSO who has a relatively unknown roster to most spectators. If YSO isn’t scared to face LMQ, than maybe they should take notes from all the other amateur teams in the region who were. Anyone who viewed Reddit within the past month may have read that several ranked 5s teams who were still pursuing qualification into the Coke Zero league were literally avoiding getting queued up against LMQ due to the acknowledgement that amateur teams would have little to no chance against players of LMQ’s quality.

There’s not much to say here in terms of what LMQ needs to do in order to defeat YSO. There is more than enough evidence through any video of a LMQ vs TSM ranked 5s game that LMQ surely outclasses their opponents in pretty much every phase of the game. The Vasilii and Mor bot lane have already made it to Challenger in NA solo queue and will continue to show their synergy and aggression during lane phase. The jungler NoName has also been an exemplary player for early game aggression with picks such as Lee Sin and Vi causing a lot of disruption and forcing a quick and easy transition into the mid game, which is something the Chinese meta excels at.

We saw last week during the vVv Red game exactly how efficiently LMQ makes these transitions. In the now famous YouTube clip of top laner Ackerman surviving a mid turret dive against 3 people (thanks to Orianna and Leona ult), the 2 tower advantage plus ~4k gold lead only 16 minutes into the game is what allows such plays to happen so seamlessly.

So make sure to tune in to the Riot games stream at 4:00pm PST to watch LMQ vs y so E-Sports compete for the semifinals spot in the Coke Zero league and keep checking back here for updated picks, bans, and results!

LMQ iBUYPOWER vs y so E-Sports

by andre butler, on January 25, 2014