CLG chemistry then and now


Being on a League of Legends professional team is no easy task, you must have thick skin and be prepared mentally for many strenuous situations on and off the Rift. CLG is no exception to this fact. Joining CLG I knew I had to be overly-prepared to endure what lied ahead of me. Back then the team roster consisted of Chauster, HotshotGG, Doublelift, Link and I, let’s just say this roster argued every single day; literally, even though we didn’t mind each other’s company. Some players just had stronger opinions on how the game should be played, and if you called them out on playing terribly most would just get defensive resulting in hour long arguments or even longer for that matter. Our days consisted of waking up, scrimming, and everyday it seemed would have at least one to two hours of arguing, that really takes a toll on the team as a whole and makes it very hard to progress forward in a positive fashion.

Arguing incessantly, progressing nowhere, and that being the cause of our halt on improvement as a whole really ticked me off. I wanted to get better but as a team nothing seemed to be able to alleviate our problems as a whole. This caused us to be put into relegation matches and have a chance to be knocked out of LCS. In my LCS matches I thought to myself, “if we lose I’ll be the reason why CLG lost, I can’t let that happen.” So I took charge and played what I wanted to play that I thought would aid us in making sure we weren’t knocked out. I’d always wanted to play Blitzcrank during my time in Spring Split on CLG but never was able to. So I decided to pick him knowing he is a comfort pick for me. After the 4-5 months of time being on CLG I thought to myself that I was the cause of CLG doing so poorly, plus I felt I wasn’t making as much money as I could be as a solo streamer. I didn’t want CLG to be relegated once again even though I really enjoyed my time so I resigned my support position.

During my time away from being on a team I realized how much I crave competition in my life. Just streaming wasn’t enough to satisfy my hunger. I wanted it more than anything, probably why I get so upset/quiet when I lose. I don’t like to yell so I just get really quiet.

Thankfully Counter Logic Gaming still thought I was the best player for the position they wanted to improve and gave me another shot. Now, most of the incessant arguing between teammates is non-existent and our arguments are now constructive. It is a much better feel team-wise.  I also feel and see more improvement towards my own gameplay now that the environment is healthier. Team mentality is one of the most important aspects of being on any professional team. If the mentality is terrible then it will have immediate effects on play and communication as a whole. I really enjoy my time so far on CLG and I am excited and things are looking up for the future of the organization and myself.

by zaqueri black, on January 12, 2014