Meteos: My Thoughts on the Preseason Jungle Changes


It’s been a few weeks since the preseason jungle changes were released and for the most part I’d say that the changes are good. Junglers scale better with the addition of conservation stacks so it’s possible to get more items late game than before. Conservation opens up a lot of options for junglers outside of the tanky/support role that simply build ancient golem, ninja tabi, and locket every game.

I think that mage junglers are really strong this patch. The passive on spirit of the spectral wraith is really good, and lets mana heavy champions get through the jungle without needing blue buff so you can give it to your mid laner if they need it. Due to the longer average game time and increased income, it’s more guaranteed that you’ll get bigger items like zhonya’s hourglass, rabadons deathcap, or whatever other AP items that you need.

Defense masteries are also really good in the preseason which makes tank junglers extremely strong as well. Perseverance is pretty much the best mastery that has ever existed and grants a hilarious amount of health regen. This combos really well with health items like spirit of the ancient golem, sunfire, warmogs, randuin, and spirit visage to make tanks extremely hard to kill in the current patch.

Early game farm junglers seem to have taken a hit in this patch because the jungle monsters are a lot stronger than they were before. They do more damage, have more health, and give less experience so the first clear is a lot worse than before. Ganking early game is more effective because it applies more pressure to the other team and even if you fail a lot of ganks and get behind, you get 50% more exp from jungle creeps when you’re underleveled so it’s easier to catch back up.

One thing that I really liked in patch 3.14 that was taken out in 3.15 was the ability to see how many wards an enemy has placed if you mouse over their wards or yellow trinket. It gave me a way to judge how much vision the other team has without specifically knowing where all of their wards were, because noticing and timing every ward placed in solo queue is nearly impossible.  I doubt that this system will come back but I can dream can’t I?

Anyway, these are all just preseason changes so I’m sure a lot of things are subject to change by the time that season 4 comes around. I like the changes so far and the direction that the jungle seems to be headed, it should be a fun season! Thanks for reading, until next time~


by Will Hartman, on January 2, 2014