Battle of the Atlantic Predictions

Chauster's Thoughts on Season 4

This weekend will be finale of the Battle of the Atlantic 2013. For those unfamiliar with the event, this is a showmatch between 5 of the top European and North American teams. There will be 5 best of threes played out between each EU and NA counterpart with the winning region taking home an extra $25,000. So far 2 matches have been played out and the score is 1-1. The remaining 3 matches will be starting this weekend, and here are my predictions.

Match # 3: CLG vs ATN
Predictions: CLG 2: ATN 0
This is a very hyped match as CLG is moving into this match up and testing out their new roster. With the addition of Dexter in the jungle and Aphromoo to round out the support position, the new CLG looks promising. CLG has always suffered from early game jungle interactions as previous junglers were not very proactive. Dexter’s playstyle seems to be the solution as he has a very aggressive and controlling playstyle. ATN has also had some roster changes coming into this match. Former star mid laner Forellenlord was released and has been replaced by Kerp and kev1n has recently joined as the top laner. With the role change and seemingly less time to prepare for the event, ATN looks to be at a disadvantage.
I expect CLG Link and their fan favorite rush hour bot lane to go at least even in lane. The key to CLG going 2-0 is for Nien to do well in lane and for CLG to make the right decisions with their advantage they will have during the laning phase. Look for Dexter to pressure the map allowing CLG to properly aggress the map.

Match # 4: XD.GG vs Gambit
Predictions: XD.GG 1: Gambit 2
A rematch from World’s 2013, XD.GG have something to prove coming into this match. Mancloud and Xmithie are both world class players who can definitely match up to the middle lane-jungler duo of Alex Ich and Diamondprox. However, with the addition of Edward back into the roster, Gambit’s bottom lane should have the edge coming into this match. Edward and Genja should definitely keep both Zuna and Bloodwater in check and then some, so it will be up to Xmithie to make up the difference. This may free up Alex Ich and Diamondprox mid lane to controlling the game. With Gambit’s insane execution and ballsy play making, I have to give them the series.
I expect Zuna and Bloodwater to lose pressure against Genja and Edward. If there is a lane change, I give XD.GG the advantage as they excel in 2v1 scenarios. The key to this game will be mid lane. XD.GG consistently loses when Mancloud gets behind. This is especially important because Diamondprox often spends a lot of time ganking mid and ensuring that Alex Ich has a great laning phase. If Gambit dedicates their time to controlling Mancloud and ensuring that their other lanes provide adequate pressure, they will take this series.
Match # 5: C9 vs Fnatic
Predictions: C9 1: Fnatic 2
Another rematch from World’s 2013. Fnatic surprised me at World’s by showing me just how great they are as a team. Their unpredictable map movements and unorthodox play style (double TP, double assassins) messes with most teams pick and ban phases. With the addition of Rekkles, people would think that Fnatic will sweep the series easily. I don’t think the series will be that one-sided.
I expect Sneaky and Lemon to perform as well as their Fnatic counterparts in Rekkles and Yellowstar. Hai and Meteos will also be able to match their world class counterparts in Cyanide and Xpeke. Soaz will most likely out pressure/out scale Balls. The key point to this game will be in the picks and ban phase. If Hai has not improved his champion pool, Fnatic will be able to lessen his influence on the game and use their superior map movements to close out the game. If Meteos is able to farm up and help Hai control the mid game, the ball will be in C9’s favor. Pay close attention to picks and bans as I feel this will be the most influential pick/ban phase in the whole tournament.
The score is currently NA: 1; EU:1. With my predictions, I will be predicting that EU wins with a slight edge at 3-2.

by Steve Chau, on December 19, 2013