My Thoughts on the New Patch


With the new patch out for a while I wanted to take some time to talk about it! First off, there weren’t giant changes to mid lane for the most part, a few champion nerfs and you get a free ward which is great! The free ward allows dominate laners to be safer in their lane since you can ward one side and stick to that side and be safe.

Supports also got massively changed, we saw a rise of Taric in Solo Queue for a bit and now he has dropped off a little. Every support is richer now so it is not uncommon to see them running around with Randuin’s Omen and a few other items. Makes it harder for mids like Leblanc/Nidalee or what not to kill the support while they are warding.

On top of that, everyone is only limited to 3 green wards and 1 pink ward, makes vision control more of a team effort than just the support. I like this change personally, vision control isn’t as dominant before because the pink wards are always visible now and there is no oracles. This does make champions like Teemo strong, as he can control baron extremely easy with the amount of mushrooms he can lay around the pit, I think we might see a rise of Teemo top soon….

I don’t think Nidalee is much worse than she was before, she lost a little damage but still plays the same. Spears still do a ton of damage if they hit people soooo you still need to dodge them x.x

Inhibitors also aren’t worth as much anymore because it doesn’t cause the other lanes to push as well, only the lane you got it in. Also it only lasts for 4 minutes which is an entire minute shorter than previous, allows for more comebacks basically. Split pushing got nerfed a lot as well because they made it so you can’t just proxy farm and be worth nothing, once you get X amount of gold from creeps you’re worth full gold again.

The patch more or less made games last longer for a few reasons;

  • They made the first tier turret worth less gold
  • Increased amount of gold generation junglers/supports get
  • Killed oracles so people can’t shut out the enemies teams vision.
  • Dragon is worth less gold
  • Early kills are worth less money (level 1 fights)
  • Inhibitors are shorter, and don’t affect other lanes


You’ll see teams that excel at late game become much stronger because most games can get to late game now, instead of being over in 20 minutes.

I’m excited to be able to play with these new changes in our upcoming match against Fnatic! I hope we can do well to adapt to these changes and pull out a victory from Fnatic.

Wish us luck guys :)!

by Hai Lam, on December 18, 2013