Chauster’s Journal #1 – Road to WCG

Happy Thanksgiving! Holiday time is upon us, and rather than bothering with a S4 update I would like to write about the beginnings of the competitive League of Legends scene. This will be a series of blogs that cover my early experiences in the competitive scene. The events that transpired to build up the the current League scene is mostly unknown. I will be sharing these details in blog-journal entries as I know many fans would love to know the humble beginnings of their favorite teams. Today I will be going over the events circa WCG 2010.



The two oldest organizations in League of Legends are undoubtedly CLG and TSM. It is no surprise that both of these teams went through countless roster changes in the past three years of play. The original CLG roster consisted of HotshotGG, bigfatjiji, and me. We teamed up in order to attend WCG 2010, but we lacked two people to complete the five man roster. We ended up scouting out Kobe24 to be our fourth member. At this time, we were dominating the scene but still needed a fifth for the tournament. There were other strong teams in NA, the strongest being AoN (TSM). The other teams were l0cust’s team (Oddone was here) and Dan Dinh’s team (not EG at this point). Rather than risk taking a random player from normal queue (no ranked games), we approached some of the competing teams to see if anyone was willing to jump ship. We ended up taking in Elementz who was in AoN at the time. The thought process was that we would cripple AoN’s chances while completing our roster. Although we were the favorites, I was not fully confident that our lineup could guarantee the wins needed play live in LA. My fears were obliterated when HotshotGG did the impossible: he got hacked.

HotshotGG’s account was compromised a week or so before the online tournament. Normally this would be an easy fix for Riot, but HotshotGG was just another peon at this time so he did not get VIP service. Thus the hacker had time to seek out AoN members on their Ventrilo server and propose that they play and stream games with the hacker on the stolen HotshotGG account. The people in the Ventrilo complied and ended up playing multiple games with the fake HotshotGG. The attitude they had was very bad mannered, trolling and throwing fun at the expense of HotshotGG. Their actions caught the attention of Riot. This was the start of Riot’s competitive scene, and they set the precedent by punishing the poor sportsmanship shown by the players involved: Reginald, Oddone, and some other guy. The punishment was such that both AoN and l0cust’s team automatically forfeited from the tournament as they could not field five players. As a result, both CLG and EG automatically made it to play live in LA.

by Steve Chau, on November 28, 2013