First Blog by Manager of iBUYPOWER CS:GO Team

Hey everyone,

I am writing this from the airport in Munich, Germany. Currently I am waiting on my flight over to Sweden to meet up with the team as they are bootcamping at Inferno Online. I’ve been for over 24 hours so hopefully this makes some sense. This is my first trip out of the US since WCG China in 2009. Funny story I got on the Luthansa plane and was looking for the remote control to change the channel on the TV screen only to finally figure out that it was touch screen…whoops 😀 I almost didn’t make it here. Had a snow delay in Columbus (coming from MLG) and so I called United and told them I needed to get to Sweden on time so they put me on another flight instead. Thanks United! Thought I was about to suffer the same fate as adreN who was delayed a whole day.

So I am looking to probably get into Stockholm around 3 pm. Going to drop off my bags and meet the guys at Inferno Online and give them their new gear:


Looks good right? 😀 I will probably get some photos and record some videos of them practicing. The guys and myself will probably do a few more vlogs over the next few days. I made a reddit post so you guys can ask of some questions:

Alright going to board now. Super excited for the biggest CS:GO lan tournament ever! Can’t wait to watch all these amazing matches!


by Derrick Truong, on November 26, 2013