Introducing the iBUYPOWER Stream Team!



The search for greatness is an endless struggle. The people involved often pay their dues long before their time comes. But like anything else in life, nothing worth doing is ever easy.

We’ve been following a number of people for some time. Watching. Observing. After initial contact, another would appear. And then another. Soon, we were surprised to see that we were standing in front of a group of people who were not only interested at representing us, but being part of something a lot bigger. The eSports scene is more than any one company’s brand.

What we witnessed were people who were incredibly passionate about what they do, and how deeply they care so much for their fans. Likewise, we care about pursuance, and we care about supporting the community in ways that drives growth, awareness, and an overall love for the game. So we were like kindred spirits one could say.

The streamers however, had a problem: computing performance. They voiced to us that what they were doing for the fans, was actually pretty taxing and intensive on their systems. Naturally, we heard the call, and after no debate at all, we decided to equip these passionate few with our signature Revolt series, powered Intel’s Core i7 4770K and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 770. From the beginning, we announced that we would be deeply involved with the eSports community and find ways to help improve the gaming experience for not just the players, but those who entertain them. This is just the beginning.

iBUYPOWER is now proud sponsors of Bebopvox, Generikb, Beyond The Summit, Boxbox, ManVsGame, and Summit1g.

Over the next few days you’ll be able to view their systems and how they make the most of what they have to do with the things they love.

Game on.

Check out our new page we made for all our streamers:





by Derrick Truong, on October 22, 2013