How do you become known, or get better at the game?



I often hear a lot of people wondering how they should improve, or become known in the scene. There are plenty of ways to get better and there are a few ways to get known! I figure I should talk about my experiences from being a “nobody” into becoming known and forming a team since then!

We’ll start off with a few tips on how to become a better player!

  • Let’s start with something basic, VERY basic but a lot of people fail to realize the importance of it! Do you know what it is?! If you guessed Last Hitting, you’re right! Why does last hitting matter so much? Well look at it this way, a champion kill is worth 300 gold and EVERYONE always wants kills! On the other hand, if you kill 15~ creeps that is 300 gold as well! Tadaaaa, if you miss 15 cs you’re down 300 gold which is basically a champion kill! There are plenty of ways practicing last hitting, but another thing people are bad at is paying attention to the map, your lane and the enemy while last hitting. I recommend getting the basics down in custom games or bot games, then moving on to normal games to practice last hitting WHILE paying attention to your lane/map/enemy.

So, let’s talk about this a little bit. At the top levels of game play, tiny advantages are enough to win you the game. Let’s say you’re playing ADC and want a BF sword before you back, you’re short 100 gold because you missed creeps earlier, you’re going to stay in lane now to try and get another 100 gold but sometimes that puts you in a position to die. It happens often, where you need a little more money before you back so you can buy an item, and if you just didn’t miss the creeps earlier, you would have saved time and not die!

  • Tunnel Visioning is OP! Everyone knows you need awareness in this game, there are 5 enemies on that map and 4 allies. They can each affect what you want to do, and what you should do! So you need to pay attention to what everyone is doing; if you’re playing mid and your jungler is invading, you need to push out your lane and make sure you can go help him if he needs it. You need to watch out for ganks, see if an ally is coming for a gank and just be aware of what is happening around you.

How do you improve upon this? Well a lot of people that came from Dota, move their mini map to the left side of the screen so that it’s similar to Dotas set up, and when you play this game long enough you just get used to the mini map on the right, which may or may not make you used to it there and not look over. If that makes sense at all? Not sure x.x, but basically you need to practice looking at the map and just understanding who is doing what and why!

  • Watch yourself play, and others play! You can see the own mistakes you do, memorize why you did that and change the mentality behind why you decided to dive for no reason at all. You can watch others for inspiration and see their reasoning behind why they did X or Y. Top teams go through their own replays and watch other teams play just so they can improve, you can do the same! With a ton of people streaming nowadays that are usually better than you, instead of just watching for enjoyment watch to learn! If you lost a solo q game and wonder why you lost, you’re always able to look back in the replay and see what you did wrong even though you lost there is always things you can do better.
  • Have fun with the game! If you’re on tilt, you’ll probably play worse and be more likely to do bad plays yourself on top of being mad at your teammates, when you’re on tilt just take a break from the game instead of “grinding” it out. If you aren’t having fun, you won’t be getting better or learning new things. Even us pro players who play 24/7 still have fun with the game, and when we aren’t we take a break from the game and do something else.

How do I become known in the Scene?

Probably the “EASIEST” way to become known is by hitting Rank 1 in Challenger, you’d have to dethrone WildTurtle so good luck with that! But regardless, in the case you were to hit Rank 1 people would notice who you are and ask why you’re Rank 1. You don’t necessarily need to be 1, but anywhere high in Challenger is enough to get you noticed. Especially if you’re actually really good, people will remember that and when asked about you, they’ll say you’re really good. Just make sure not to be an asshole or have some weird personality, that’s a good way to not be able to join a team.

Honestly, this is your BEST bet to get into the Competitive scene, there really isn’t another way for people to know who you are unless they play verse you. If you’re good enough to be on a Competitive team, it will happen eventually otherwise you’ll probably just stay as a Solo Queue all star. Oh, if you’re Challenger off only playing 1 kind of Champion, don’t expect to join a team as most people will think you’re a one trick pony, if you don’t have proficiency in multiple Champions people will just write you off as a good player but can only play One Champion.

To go along with this, if you’re really good don’t act super cocky or think you’re the bees knees. A part of being able to play on a team is your attitude and the way you think about yourself and others, if you’re just a new person entering the Competitive Scene, what have you done? You can’t go in thinking you’re the shit because you haven’t done anything yet to prove that you’re actually good and deserve recognition or fame, stay humble until you prove yourself as a competitive player and just have a good attitude about the game!

This is all very basic information but a TON of people are always wondering how to improve or get known, this will help you out and for people that are already good, this information won’t be too helpful for you.

Good luck to everyone trying to improve, just have fun with the game and don’t be a dick :P!



by Hai Lam, on October 18, 2013